As I live a life aspiring to be healthified, I sometimes encounter some setbacks.  In know way am I the perfect picture of healthy.  Though I do try.  Lately, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon eating out far too much and exercising far too less.  Perhaps that may be why I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner.  Oh, well it may also have to do with my current addiction to couponing and finding a deal.  Or maybe I’m just burned out with work and want to just take it easy in the evenings.  I’m hoping once summer gets here in about 2 and a 1/2 weeks I’ll get back into the swing of things. 


On a positive note, I never knew how much wearing a dress to work would make people notice me.  I generally wear capris, jeans, or dress pants.  Nope, not today.  I went with a dress.  And got literally about 20 compliments.  One of my students even asked, “Mrs. Lay, do you exercise?”  “Yes,” I responded."  He sated, “Oh, cause I can tell.” 


When I was a young adult, I didn’t want to be noticed.  I would often wear big, baggy clothes to hide my body.  I would stand in the corner against the wall at “boy-girl” parties in middle school; I certainly was not the one in the middle of the dance floor shaking it.  Had I wanted to be that girl?  Maybe.

As I’ve gotten older I am not as self conscious as I used to be, but there are still some things that bother me.  I’m working on loving ME for ME more each day.

Often times, I think my attitude is dependent on how much effort I put into being my best me.  I know when I take some extra time on my appearance I feel better all around.  I encourage YOU to do something out of the ordinary this week with your appearance.*  Stand out and let YOU shine.

*Please don’t take this post the wrong way.  I am not Shallow Hal. 

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Wednesday’s What I’m Fixin’ in the Kitchen

Oatmeal and Peanut Butter Makes Its Return + Instant Coffee



Leftover’s For Lunch E-Z Baked Ziti


Plus a slice of cake for Teacher Appreciation Week 😉

And chips and salsa once home.

Dinner was “Breakfast for Dinner”

Pepper, Spinach, Chipotle Frittata


Sautéed Potatoes


And a couple slices of turkey bacon.

Altogether Now



The night was capped off with a couple pieces of chocolate.

E-Z Baked Ziti

This meal is much less of a unique recipe, but much more an easy satisfying meal to throw together rather quickly.


E-Z Baked Ziti


1 13 oz. box whole wheat rigatoni

1 jar tomato basil sauce

1 lb. lean ground beef

1 bag baby spinach

2 cups mexican cheese shreds with a touch of cream cheese

1 tsp. sugar

Seasonings to taste:

garlic powder

onion powder

salt and pepper

italian seasoning




1. Boil pasta according to package and drain.

2. Preheat oven to 350*.  Brown ground meat and drain.

3. Add sauce to meat with 1/4 c water to rinse jar.  Add seasonings to taste with sugar.  Mix in spinach.  Simmer over medium heat for ten minutes or until heated through and spinach is wilted.

4.  Mix pasta, sauce mixture, and cheese until combined.  Add salt and pepper if desired.

5. Pour mixture into casserole dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Cover with foil.  Bake 20 minutes.  Uncover and bake 5 minutes more.


Top 8 of My Spring Break

Wheww!  What a week it has been!  I decided to not only take a spring break from my day job, but also from blogging.  It was nice to not feel obligated to do anything.  I just took it easy at home, hung out with my family, and enjoyed my much needed time off.  Here is the top eight highlights of my spring break.

1. Hanging with my family.


Mom, Sister, and Nephew playing tourist in downtown New OrleansDSC01358

Easter Sunday we had a crawfish boil at the grandparents’ house to celebrate Easter and my Dad’s birthday

2. Painting at Corks N’ Canvas with my husband and some friends.


The painting is “On the Balcony” as though you are looking down onto a French Quarter street.  We brought some wine and painted for three hours.  This is one of the more difficult paintings, so I was not overly joyful with how it came out, but for my first it was cool.  Definitely want to go back.

3. Eating some good food.


Here is a video tutorial in case you are unfamiliar with how to eat crawfish.

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

There is some other techniques, but this is the quickest method of getting the tail from the shell.  Many people just pull out the meat from the shell by hand and first remove the black vein before consuming.

  4. Eating more good food, maybe not so healthy though.


Mom, Sis, and I split this muffaletta (pronounced muff*a*lot*a).  We also shared a shrimp po’boy.

5. Drinking some tasty drinks.


Spicy Bloody Mary


And a strawberry colada ice cream daiquiri (pronounced dack*ir*ie).

6. Then there was sightseeing and photo snapping.


St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, New Orleans

DSC01465 DSC01490 DSC01468

7. Of course some cooking took place.


Homemade red beans using the slow cooker method.

8. I also got in some show time.  Again, mom, sis, and I got out the house to see Water for Elephants.

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The movie was good, but I actually enjoyed the book better.  The movie was pretty darn similar, though some things were left out and changed up slightly as expected.

So that’s all folks.  That about sums up my spring break.  Much enjoyed.  Looking forward to summer break in four short weeks.  Wahooo!