What I’ve Been Chewing Lately

Very few of these…

And lots of these…

Needless to say, I’ve gotten a bit off track with healthy cooking and exercising. (I’ve only exercised 5 times in the past two weeks.) I’m not a complete loss though because my weekly breakfasts and lunches tend to be clean eating for the most part, aside from the day I had two slices of king cake along with my cafeteria made veggie soup/grilled cheese combo at work. It is mainly the dinners and weekends that cause me to go astray.

I put blame on the stress and exhaustion that comes with being a teacher and also these financially trying times that the country is facing, including myself. I guess charging fast food or take out was the easier route rather than charging an entire baskets worth of groceries. Or perhaps it is just laziness on my part.
Either way, it is no excuse for putting my health on the line…not to mention I can certainly feel and see the fat accumulating in my belly and thighs as I see my belly hanging over my pants and feel the snugness of my jeans surround my thighs.
So I want to get back on track today. It is the start of the lenten season, which to many means giving up something that you can’t generally resist. I guess in a sense that means giving up my unhealthy ways. But more so adding back healthy eating and exercising into my life.
On a final note, yesterday was Mardi Gras also known as Fat Tuesday. It is that day of celebration, to eat and drink and have a final shebang before the 40 Days of Lent. So I certainly got my fill of hot dogs and chili, hand rolled hot tamales, and spicy jambalaya.

So Happy Belated Mardi Gras! And can anyone answer that? I here it’s mostly diet and exercise. 😉


Family Tradition Continues On

Ever since I can remember, my dad’s family has gotten together prior to Mardi Gras Day (aka Fat Tuesday) to carry out a family tradition.  My grandparents’ home is right along the parade route in Metairie just west of downtown New Orleans, so we’ve always celebrated the carnival season at there house.  I will tell you that last year we did not stick to tradition because my grandparents were feeling tired and overwhelmed with the whole situation.  But this year tradition continues. 

On Sunday, several of my family members got together at the grandparents’ house to roll hot tamales.  Long ago, when I was just a kid, I remember my very Italian Great Uncle Leo who led the tamale making process.  It was his recipe after all.  He had a strong personality and was not the most appealing to watch mix the meat by hand in his white, ribbed tank of an undershirt.  Mom always reminds me of the way he tasted the raw seasoned meat mixture to ensure it was correct prior to beginning the rolling process.  Yuck!  Unfortunately,  he is deceased, but through the hot tamales he lives on.

Yesterday we had eight people helping to roll the two large pots full of tamales.  There are several important jobs that are done throughout the process.  There is the squeezer who uses an icing bag with a wide tip to squeeze the meat into long skinny tubes.

 IMG_0446 IMG_0442 Then there is the person who cuts the longer strips into about 2 inch bite sized pieces and tosses them into cornmeal.IMG_0443 Another important job is the paper wetters.  They dip the tamale papers into a bowl of water so that they can be manipulated and rolled.  Above you can see my two cousins—one is putting the rolled tamale into one of the pots that will be filled and the other partially seen cousin in the background is separating the papers.

Here I am; I have been rolling these bad boys since before I was a pre-teen.

IMG_0444  IMG_0447 First the tamale is lightly coated in cornmeal.


Next, it is placed on the corner of the pre-soaked tamale paper.


Then the tamale is rolled halfway, the excess paper is folded over on top of the tamale.  And then it is rolled the rest of the way.  I don’t have pictures of the exact technique but there is one.  Below is my attempt at showing you.

tamale process

Then the tamale is put into the pot that will be heated on the stovetop with the addition of a tomato spiced sauce.

IMG_0441 So that is how I spent my Sunday–along with pizza and fried chicken and brownies courtesy of my aunts for helping out.  My husband tagged along to help out as well and he without me knowing snapped all of the above pictures, so to him I am grateful.

Now, the feast is ready all for Mardi Gras Day!  Just in case you don’t know, Mardi Gras is a celebration of feasting and partying the day before the start of the Lenten Season leading up to Easter.  The celebration actually starts two weeks prior to Fat Tuesday with parades and king cakes well before just after the New Year.

Today I went and purchased two king cakes for tomorrow.


King Cakes are cinnamon twisted doughy cakes covered in purple, green, and gold sugar in honor of the three kings who found their way to baby Jesus.  So inside the cake you will find a tiny plastic baby representing bay Jesus.  Tradition has it that the person who gets the baby will have luck and they must also bring the next king cake to the next social event.  As for the colors, purple represents justice, green faith, and gold power.

I leave you with a video of a parade we went to on Friday night out in Metairie.  The guy with the jacket is a good friend of ours who had one too many drinks as you might be able to see.

Walking and Barking

Have I mentioned how much I really, really loooove weekends? :)  They just seem to always go by super duper fast. :(  This weekend was no exception. 

Well, Friday evening was pretty lackadaisical since my day was spent on a field trip to the Aquarium of the Americas and IMAX 3D Theatre. 

The clip is not completely clear, but there are some massive turtles, sharks, and stingrays in the aquarium.

DSC00537DSC00541 DSC00561 DSC00568  Other than fish, you can see birds, penguins, otters, and white alligators.  The IMAX Deep in the Sea was also fascinating and my 9-11 year old students loved it.

Saturday started with a visit to the park with the dogs.  While Chris played with the dogs, I did my own cardio circuit.  It consisted of lots of jogging, jumping jacks, lunges, high knees running in place, planks, side planks, basic crunches, and girly push-ups.  I did two sets of the circuits and then jogged around the field for a bit.  It was about twenty-five to thirty minutes of exercising and the lunges left me in some serious pain in the rear.  Chris actually joined me on one set of lunges and he is still whining about the pain claiming he will never do lunges again. LOL!

Sunday was a fun filled day which began at church.  Shortly after, hub and I met some friends downtown for a Mardi Gras parade.  We went to the Krewe of Barkus.  It was our first time attending and it was like no other parade I’ve ever been to. 

DSC00612 DSC00617 DSC00619 DSC00624 DSC00622 DSC00626 DSC00628 DSC00621

As you can see it is not an ordinary float parade with riders that I am accustomed to. It is animals on large floats, homemade floats, grocery baskets as floats with the pet owners walking along side pushing the floats.  It is animals dressed up as people, animals dressed up as animals, people dressed up as animals, and people dressed up as other people.  In the end, this parade in particular is for a good cause in support of helping animals in need of homes.

And here is a few other sites as we were walking through the quarter.


Mardi Gras Decor on the historic buildings.


While walking around downtown, you will see street performers standing on streets trying to make a buck.  Here is one of the mimes, but there are also magicians, artists, singers, tappers, and more.


Crowded streets awaiting the Krewe of Barkus!


We walked around for about 3 and a half hours downtown and then I headed over to my sister’s house to babysit until 10 o’clock last night.  Needless to say, I am a bit exhausted today.

Well, I did do a small amount of cooking this weekend, but for the most part I ate on the go from fast food type restaurants for dinner both Saturday and Sunday night which was not optimal, but hey I’m not perfect.

If you prefer to bake cakes using a boxed mix, I highly recommend doing what hungry-girl suggests.  I mixed one box of cake mix with one 6 oz. container of greek yogurt and a cup of water.  I then baked the mini-cupcakes according to what the box stated.  The cupcakes came out so moist and satisfied my sweet tooth cutting out much of the fat and calories and adding some protein from the greek yogurt.  I went with a lemon cake mix and used the peach chobani yogurt.  Hungry-girl states that her favorite is devil’s food cake mix with plain greek yogurt, but use what you have or prefer.  She does have some other 2 ingredient cake recipes which can be seen here.


I sprinkled some powdered sugar on top and they were great—much like a lemon poundcake.  I would probably make a whole cake rather than the mini-cakes next time, but either way would work.

Have a good night!  Have you ever been to Mardi Gras here in New Orleans?

A Saturday Game of Scolf

On Saturday the weather was absolutely gorgeous—sunny and highs reached 68*.  The husband and I headed out to City Park in uptown New Orleans to play a game of Scolf with friends.  I thought some of the wives/girlfriends would be going along, but it turned out I was the only girl in attendance.

Several years ago a friend of the family invented a game which he originally named Scoobat.  Later, he renamed it Scolf.  Scolf, similar to golf where a ball (the size of a tennis ball) is scooped into different sized baskets with different point values, and is played in teams.  We had three teams of three.  My team consisted of myself, Chris, and our friend Timmy.  Later on in the day we added another player to our team who came late.

photo 3 Here are my teammates—Timmy left and Chris right.

Each player has a paddle and a ball.  To start, each team member hits the ball off of a batting tee as far as he or she can hit it toward one of the other baskets a couple hundred feet away.  A player can opt to hit the ball out of hand as opposed to using the tee.

scolf basket Off in the distance between the yellow flags is one of the baskets valued at 2 points.  Three other baskets were scattered valued at 3 points, 4 points, and 5 points with the smallest basket being valued the most.

photo 2 The basket above is the 3 pointer.  After each team member hits off the tee, the “best” ball is chosen for all team members to play from, which is why you see four balls in line in the first picture next to my teammates.  Once close enough to the baskets, players must then use the paddle to scoop the ball in the basket.

photo 4 Here I am scooping my ball for a 4 point gain for my team. 

All members of one team attempt to score until one person makes the basket or no member makes it. (It is not that easy!) The other teams then attempt a basket until 1 team earns the  points.  Then we move toward the next basket of the scoring team’s choice.  (The man in the background above on the right is the inventor of the game.)  The team that reaches 22 points first is the winning team. 

The game is fun, but loooong.  We were there for about three hours until another team beat us at the 5 point basket earning their 22 points total.  The game requires lots of walking, but it was a beautiful day so I didn’t mind much though it was tiring having done an hour of cardio and abs Saturday morning.


Monday’s breakfast was a half whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, plain 0% greek yogurt, sugar free syrup, and a sliced banana.

DSC00195 DSC00197

Today’s commute was blanketed with morning fog over the entire city causing traffic galore so I was a few minutes late for work.  What a way to start the week.  Ugh!

Lunch included an Everything Bagel Thin with turkey and reduced fat swiss heated in the microwave at school, a simple spring mix and tomato side salad topped with balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil, with an apple.


My after school tutoring snack was two handfuls of peanuts…

Plus I stopped on the way home to get a Mardi Gras King Cake filled with Raspberry Cream Cheese after talking with hubby about him wanting a good one.  Oh my yum!  Confession:  We bought a cream cheese king cake just yesterday at the grocery, but we ate it all in one day.  Oops!! :/

DSC00204  DSC00208

Dianne’s bakes their cakes each morning so it was super soft and fresh.  More to come on King Cakes in the future.

For dinner I cooked a potato in the microwave and topped it with leftover chicken from last nights “beer in a chicken.”


I added some BBQ sauce, reduced fat mexican cheese blend, a dollop of greek yogurt, jalapenos, and salt and pepper.

DSC00211 DSC00209 DSC00213

….All mixed up.

Does Scolf sound like something you might like to play?

N’awlins Tradition

Back to basic eating habits and back to work I went.  Today’s breakfast was light yet did the trick.  I fixed a yogurt bowl made of a sliced banana, 1/2 cup plain 0% greek yogurt, and less than 1/2 cup granola all drizzled with honey. 

DSC00694DSC00696 DSC00697

Hot, plain chai tea was sipped alongside my yogurt bowl as I leisurely read emails and blogs.  In the morning, I like to take some time to breathe before the start of the busy on-the-go day. 

Lunch was made this morning pretty hastily because I knew I would need any extra minutes to get to work this A.M. due to the rain causing traffic.


Deli Turkey Breast, Laughing Cow Light Mozzerella and Sundried Tomato and Basil Cheese Wedge (I am trying to use this flavor up because I don’t particularly like the strong herbed flavored cheese), shredded lettuce, celery sticks for crunch and an apple for some sweetness.

Funny question came about during lounge talk; another teacher asked me what a good detox was since feasting on so many Thanksgiving treats and eats.  I recommended fruit and vegetables for their natural fibers and cleansing powers because that is all I “use” so to speak.  Do any of you reading recommend any detox methods to cleanse the system?

I had my mind set on making the traditional Monday food fare for dinner tonight—N’awlins style red beans.  So before leaving this morning I took out the frozen creole vegetable seasoning, pickled meat, and smoked sausage.  However, once I arrived home I realized I was missing one ingredient, the main ingredient—the Red Beans.  Hello!?! Can’t make red beans without the beans.  Luckily the husband worked a little late and called me on his way home, so he picked up a pound of dry red beans. 


Now they are simmering on the stove top and I may have to have them tomorrow since I got a late start.  For the recipe I use check out the tradition behind red beans on Mondays in New Orleans on my recipe page or by clicking here.

While waiting for MY BEANS (I always think of the Blue Runner Beans Commercial whenever I say “my beans”) I had some snackage to hold me over.  Almonds, strawberries, and bread and butter.

DSC00709 DSC00718 DSC00728

And for giggles, the bean commercial…


I now want to share one of our traditional Thanksgiving recipes that I made this year; mom has been making these for a while now.  When you are in the mood for cheesy, fattening, rich crawfish pie or dip that tastes delicious this recipe is for you.  Otherwise, stand back.

This recipe can be used as a dip on its own or filled into miniature pie shells that have been cooked according to package directions.  For Thanksgiving I doubled the recipe, but certainly did not need to for the 16 mini pies that I made.  I had a ton of the crawfish filling leftover and brought it over to a friend’s house for the depressing LSU game on Saturday.  There, it was eaten as a dip with tortilla chips.  Delish either way!

DSC00653 DSC00659 DSC00684

Mom’s Cheesy Crawfish Dip/Pie Filling

1 stick butter, salted

1 chopped onion

1 rib celery, chopped

1/4 c green bell pepper, chopped

1- 10 ounce can diced Rotel Tomatoes with Green Chiles

1 can reduced sodium cream of mushroom soup

1- 8 ounce block of Velveeta cheese, cubed

1 pound crawfish tails, cooked and peeled (I used defrosted from frozen)

1/4 c scallions/green onions, chopped (shallots as mom calls ‘em, but scallions are needed)

miniature pie shells*

Melt butter over medium heat.  Saute’ onion, celery, and green peppers in butter until wilted.  Stir in canned tomatoes, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook 30 minutes.  Next, add cream of mushroom soup, cheese, crawfish, and scallions.  Cook 20 minutes. 

*At this point you can enjoy as a dip with chips. If making pies, fill prebaked shells with filling.  Once pie shells are filled, bake in 350* oven until tops are set and golden about 25 minutes.


Triangles, Squares, Circles, Oh My!

Life sometimes takes over and gets in the way.  And the past couple of days work and sleep were more of a priority than blogging and cooking and exercising.  What’s the phrase?  A lady needs her beauty sleep, right?  ;)  Please forgive me if I do not post every single day.  I started the blog as a hobby and I don’t want it to become something that I feel obligated to do just to please others or to allow it to get in the way of spending time with my husband, Chris, or my family.  I do fully appreciate the small readership that I have gained in the past three months and hope to gain more and also that you continue to check back to read new posts. 

With saying that, I did  begin the blog as a way of tracking my eating habits and exercise, and any other snippets from my days.  Therefore, I no longer use www.411fit.com to keep my daily calorie intake and output.  On the other hand, I do try to keep a mental estimate in my head more so for breakfast, lunch, and snacks than dinner.  I try to take in between 300 to 400 calories for each of breakfast and lunch and no more than 200 calories for snacks, which I generally always have after work and sometimes after dinner.  Usually I do not eat a morning snack, but will drink coffee at work with no-calorie sweetener and powdered creamer.

Now that is off my chest, the past two days I was away at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference.  I wish I could say that it was out of town and I got to experience some other part of the country, :(  but actually it was held in downtown New Orleans at the Convention Center, about 15 miles from where I live.  I signed up to be a volunteer when I registered so each afternoon I stood outside of doors giving out presenter handouts, directing people where to sit, and making sure lines were orderly and rooms were cleared.


Me Volunteering—well technically “the  greedy triangle” who did not want to be a triangle because his friends didn’t look like him, but I’m handing these out to participants.  I have always considered myself to be a somewhat of a triangle actually for two different reasons.  One, the shape of my body is somewhat of a triangle shape; more so prior to losing weight because I was smaller on top with wider hips like the “pear” shape.  But I think I have balanced out a little bit since exercising.  Secondly, there is a personality test where you select one of the following figures that you most identify with.  The couple of times I’ve done this I’ve always chosen the triangle—probably because of reason one above, but either way that is the shape that speaks to me most.

clip_image001[5]            clip_image002 clip_image003

                      clip_image004     clip_image005



Which of the five shapes do you most identify with:  square, rectangle, triangle, circle, or zig zag?  Don’t think too much into to it, just make a quick choice and leave it in the comment’s section.  I will post the meanings tomorrow.

As for my eats the past two days, here is a recap of some of my meals.


DSC00034 Breakfast Thursday—Oatmeal with Raspberry Preserves and Cottage Cheese Stirred In and Pumpkin Spice Coffee

DSC00073 DSC00065


Breakfast Friday—Sandwich Thin with Peanut Butter, Banana, Cottage Cheese, Raspberry Preserves and Chai Tea with Milk


Lunch Thursday—Roast Beef Sandwich and a Diet Coke that cost $3.25 just for the drink! :/


Lunch Friday—Chicken Taco Salad and Diet Dr. Pepper


DSC00055 DSC00056 Dinner Thursday—Clear Soup, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Salmon Avocado Roll from Cherry Blossom at the Corner of My Street



Dinner Friday—Chili Made with Jarred Pasta Sauce, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Lean Ground Beef according to directions on back of Chili Powder, but instead of sugar I used honey and I add a little ketchup also.  With crumbled light babybel round, greek yogurt, and pita chips for dipping.  Chris raves over this chili when he eats it and it is so simple.

A few pics from my excursion downtown:



Mardi Gras Float Topper


New Orleans Streetcar Artwork


TV Monitors Outside of Every Door


While eating lunch at the Riverwalk Mall next to the Convention Center I was wishing I was one of the people boarding this cruise ship!

While it is no relaxing cruise, it is the weekend so I am going to relax, exercise, and enjoy!  Hope you do as well!