Round 2 Recipe—What to Do with the Leftover Christmas Ham

Breakfast Oats and CoffeeDSC01426 DSC01428 DSC01429 DSC01430DSC01432

Mom and I headed to the gym to get our swole on.  I started with 16 minutes on the elliptical.  Next was about thirty minutes of full body weights on the machines.  I finished up with 11 minutes on the stairclimber and some stretching.

Before Mom and I could shop, we filled our bellies in at the food court of Esplanade Mall.  Mall lunch included a Subway veggie club with american cheese and mustard and Baked Lay’s for me and Sbarro’s baked ziti for Mom.

sub   After sales and shopping to use up my gift cards, we headed to my sister’s house and brought over three cafe’ au laits from the famous Cafe Du Monde:  Home of the Beignet.  We brought over some beignets for the nephew, but he wasn’t happy with the powdered sugar getting all over his clothes.DSC01437

DSC01435 Jett’s beignet with most of the powdered sugar dusted off.

After a day of shopping and a visit to my sister, I found the Christmas ham still in her fridge.  So I told her I would take it home and cook something up or freeze it for future use.  I decided to whip up some ham fried rice for tonight’s supper after Mom suggested it. DSC01438

I began by sautéing a bell pepper, onion, and carrots in olive oil.  Next I added two cups of the cubed ham. DSC01440 DSC01441


Then I added 5 scrambled eggs to the center of the pot. Once the eggs were cooked through I added about 3 cups cooked rice and 10 or so splashes of soy sauce with salt and pepper to taste.  Once mixed and heated dinner was ready for eatin’!DSC01443 DSC01445 DSC01444 DSC01447

I still have three thick slices of ham left that I wrapped and stuck in the freezer for some soup or beans or some other concoction. 

And some miniature taffy candies the husband received from a coworker also made there way into my belly.  They taste just like Roman Candy, a holiday treat that was always purchased from the street vendor cart when I was little whenever we came across one.

Do you have any Round 2 Recipes that I might try to use up some of my ham?  Feel free to share a link.


Mission Accomplished

Today I employed a couple of cooking techniques which proved to be successful.  First off was breakfast.  After my previous failure attempt to poach an egg, I made a second attempt this morning.  And it worked like a charm using these directions including the optional vinegar.  I served the poached egg over leftover roasted asparagus from last Thursday.  Along side I had a toasted wheat english muffin lightly buttered and a large cup of joe.

DSC01403 DSC01406 DSC01408 DSC01410

Oh my yum!  The yolky taste was so delicious; I normally overcook my fried egg so I think this may just be a new favorite way to cook an egg even though it takes a little longer to allow the water to come to a boil.

Lunch was enjoyed at the mall with Mom, Sis, and my nephew and niece.  I ordered a falafel panini with a side salad from Byblo’s Mediterranean Cafe’. 


I ate half of the actual pita, but just about all of the falafel and hummus filling with the Greek salad.

On our way home from the mall, we stopped at the Buck’s to get some coffee, and I needed it cold because I was feeling hot and sick.  I think it may have been due to not hydrating as much as I normally do.  I’ve been slacking on drinking my eight glasses of water.  (I have consumed more than six cups since I’ve been home now so maybe I was dehydrated.)


I ordered a tall nonfat mocha frappucino, hold the whip.  It totally cooled me down and made my mood better.

Eggplant Parmesan

1 large eggplant

2 eggs, beaten and seasoned with salt/pepper

1-2 cups panko bread crumbs, italian flavored

1/4 pound shredded provolone

For dinner tonight I had plans for a healthified eggplant parmesan provolone.  I began by slicing the large eggplant into half inch slices or so.  I then sprinkled each slice with salt to let out some of the bitter liquids.  After about ten minutes, I rinsed the eggplant and patted it dry.  The eggplant was then dredged in seasoned egg wash and italian flavored panko bread crumbs.  The slices were placed on a baking sheet lined with foil and cooking spray.  Each  slice was sprayed with cooking spray prior to placing the pan in a preheated 400* oven. 

After 15 minutes I flipped the slices to cook 5 minutes more.  Each slice was then sprinkled with shredded provolone.  Finally, the slices baked 2 more minutes just until the cheese was melted.  The eggplant provolone was served over whole grain spaghetti with some doctored up tomato basil sauce with a sprinkle of chopped spinach for color mainly because I went to get some basil from the garden and found that Chris must have dug up the basil plants because they were no longer there.

DSC01415DSC01417 DSC01413 DSC01419 DSC01414

Dinner was a successful mission accomplished.  It was delicious and much better than fried eggplant, but still as crispy using the panko breading.

My sweet craving settled in shortly after dinner, so I had a couple of sweet treats to satisfy my taste buds.


And one of the forgotten cookies I received from a coworker for Christmas.


Have you had any cooking successes lately?  Do tell!

Not Your Everyday Football Fare

Any Saints fans out there?  Tonight was a big game for the “Bless You Boys" against the “dirty birds.”  And thankfully the New Orleans Saints pulled it together to get a W on the board against the Atlanta Falcons.

Earlier today Mom and I went to La Madeleine’s for lunch and she asked if I was planning football food on the dinner menu.  I desperately needed to cook my spaghetti squash that I purchased a few weeks back, so I wasn’t planning on typical game food, but more of a meal to go along with squash.  Just before the big game I asked Chris what he felt like eating for dinner with the squash and replied pork chops.  So on to the store I went to collect much needed staples and pork chops, which just so happened to be buy 1 get 1 free today.  Score!

Prior to running to pick up groceries, I turned on the oven and prepped the squash for roasting as previously done here roasting the whole squash.  I asked hub to stick it in the oven so it would be nearly done by the time I got back. 

Once home, I seasoned my center cut bone-in pork chops with salt and pepper and browned them in a pan sprayed with nonstick spray for 5 minutes on each side.  The chops were removed and I added a sliced green pepper, sliced onion, and a tad of water to the same pan used to cook chops stirring and scraping the brown bits from the bottom of the pan.  As the vegetables cooked sown I removed the seeded pulp from the squash and then scraped out the spaghetti strands to be added to the pepper and onion mixture.  Along with the veggies, I added about 3/4 cup of teriyaki sauce to the pan.  The chops were placed on top of the veggie mixture, covered, and  cooked on low for twenty minutes more to ensure they were cooked through. 

This meal came together on a whim and turned out great!

DSC01390DSC01386 DSC01387DSC01391

The squash did not keep its natural yellow color; it absorbed the teriyaki brown color, but it was still tasty.  The dish reminded me much of braised cabbage and pork.  Chris said “dinner was great” and it reminded him of french onion soup. 

As for my earlier eats today, I started with oats—more because I wanted to use my new bowl and less of the fact that I had no banana or milk to put in it.


So I stirred sweet potato pecan butter into my very plain oatmeal and topped it with Fage Greek Yogurt with Honey.  It turned out to be a satisfying, not very warm breakfast.

DSC01375 DSC01377 DSC01371 DSC01380

Mom and I headed to the gym a while later for cardio.  I did 20 minutes on the killer of a stair stepper, 20 minutes on the arc trainer, and 10 minutes on the bicycle.  I finished with some stretching to try to relieve the pain in my lower back/tailbone area and left hip.

Mom and I then stopped for lunch at our usual.  I ordered the wild fields salad and a bowl of country potato soup with cheese and bacon, please.


Spring mix with balsamic vinaigrette


I also had a few bites of Mom’s pasta salad and sandwich.

While waiting for dinner to cook I shared a piece of cheese with my German Shepherd, Niko.


And during the game—no beer for me, just coffee…


No nachos, wings, or burgers; just an apple.


What Would You Do for the HH Bar?

Wheeewwww!!! It has been a busy past few days as I’m sure it’s been the same for you.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! 

I’ve been running around like a crazy person since this past Wednesday trying to get shopping done, presents wrapped, and helping my husband put together a very large wooden swing set with literally over a thousand parts including screws, nuts & bolts, and wood for my nephew over at my sister’s house. 


Speaking of my sister–she was super excited about giving me my Christmas gift this year.  She had it custom made and ordered it online through a website she found through some navigating the world wide web.  To my surprise, she had a nutrition bar customized for The Healthified Haven in me and based the ingredients off of my three-times-attempted failure of a cookie recipe.

DSC01326 DSC01321 

Do you see the name of those nutrition bars?  That is the very first box of Healthified Haven Bars.


The real test was in the taste.  Well, the truth is they taste much like my cookies.  ;)  Slightly chocolaty, crumbly, dry—wait, much like a protein bar.  However, I’m not sure they could go for a “protein bar” since they only contain 7 protein grams.  Though the stats would suffice in my book for a snack bar with 198 calories, 20 grams of carbs. (4 of which are fiber), and 11 fat grams (from the cashew butter); I am not sure I will be lapping them down any time soon nor trying to make a profit. 

On the other hand I do love the concept of having my own personalized bar and think it is hilariously awesome that my sister was so thoughtful in her gift giving.  She also gave me some mismatch bowls and placemats which will soon be making an appearance on The Healthified Haven.  Thank you sis!  Truthfully, I loved all of the gifts. 🙂

On a cold, rainy morning–


Christmas Day, Chris and I made three different family visits.  The first stop was at my sister-in-law’s house to exchange gifts with hub’s family and also have lunch.


Twin Nieces posing for the camera.


Nephew opening gifts.


Chris’s grandmother opening her pelican (LA state bird) pendant.


The husband and his uncle—not quite sure what was happening there.

Just a tasting plate of all the food because we still had two more stops.


Cornbread casserole, sweet potato casserole, smothered green beans, and ham. 

On to the next place—we went to my paternal grandparent’s house.  I chose to skip the meal which included mac-n-cheese, turkey, salad, casseroles of all kinds and lots of desserts.  I did enjoy some of my pawpaw’s fruit salad.


My grandpa has made this as long as I can remember.  I think it is a mix of fresh fruit with Hawaiian Punch poured on top.  It is so tasty and refreshing with the mix of apples, oranges, grapes, cherries, peaches, and maybe some other fruits.

I only took a couple of pictures of my niece, but their were a ton of people jammed packed in the grandparent’s small house including aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins—about fifty people.  Here is one of the pictures of my niece because it is too cute not to share.


She did have a pretty Christmas dress on to match her bow, but she had a little accident all over herself and one of my aunts.  So she got to don her warm and cozy Christmas PJs.

The last stop was to see my mom along with my sister and her family.  Mom made chicken and sausage file’ gumbo, potato salad, and baked ham.  I had some of each.


I’ve recently been informed that some people in this area actually mix their potato salad with the gumbo.  So I gave it a try; not really my thing, but it was worth a try.


Baked ham on a pistolette with mustard on a new placemat from sis.  I did also eat some more potato salad.  And for dessert—an Italian crème cake.


We also opened presents.


My nephew listening to his Frosty the Snowman song book.


Mom playing Santa Mom to me and Chris, my brother-in-law, and sister!


Nephew so excited to try out his truck potty he just sat right on the box. 🙂


Me getting some final smooches from my niece just as we all said good night!

It was a wonderful day spent with the ones I love!  And I’m grateful for all of the presents I received—perfumes, scarf and glove set, gift cards, boots, bowls, and of course The Healthified Haven Bars.

What gift were you most excited to give or receive this Christmas?


I was indecisive about breakfast…

I couldn’t decide between an egg sandwich or peanut butter.

So I ate exceptionally late (more like lunch) and went with both.

DSC01226  DSC01225

I was indecisive about gift buying…

So I went to three stores for one person and in the end made some purchases.  But I’m still unsure about the gifts.



I was indecisive about eating lunch since I ate such a late breakfast…

So I ate a Cherry Pie Larabar and a banana instead.


I was indecisive about what toppings to put on my pizza…

So I put them all.


Spinach, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, olives, mozzarella—which resulted in tasty but soggy pizza. 😦



I went back for a second slice.

I was indecisive about going to the gym…

So I wore my work out clothes all day and ultimately decided not to go.  Instead I rented a movie.



While snacking on a treat from a coworker called White Trash


You might know it as Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies.  Basically it is Chex cereal coated in a mixture of peanut butter, butter, and melted chocolate; then dusted with powdered sugar.  It is very sweet for those with a sweet tooth.

Have you been indecisive about anything lately?

3 Reasons I Dislike Shopping During the Holidays

Starting with Reason #3: I don’t know what to get!  Each year I struggle with what gifts to purchase for coworkers, husband, family members(especially dad).  Honestly, the people on my list don’t necessarily need anything, but of course I want to give them something.  I want that special something to be a gift that they can actually use, not just shove in a closet never to be seen again until they themselves need a gift to give.  Re-gift anyone!?!  After all, I don’t want my gift to be the talk of the White Elephant Party.

Reason #2: People are nuts!  Shopping during the holidays means crowded aisles of stores where rude consumers push, shove, fight over the last medium sized shirt on the sale rack…where they refuse to say excuse me if they cut you off or bump into you (I personally must have said excuse me at least 20 times on Friday)…where they steal your parking spot as you wait in the lot with your blinker on. Or where they park their cart directly next to yours facing the opposite direction and proceed to take your cart with your purse sitting at the top of the basket in the child’s seat and only notice after being chased by the screaming woman (ME) saying, “Excuse me, ma’am; excuse me ma’am, you just took MY basket!”  I swear she appeared to have a wig with a hat on and is sure to be a scammer.  I would be the naive one that gets scammed by the woman who accidentally took the wrong cart.  Luckily she didn’t steal anything and maybe my analysis is completely off basis.

Reason # 1:  Because of the two latter reasons, my mind gets lost in the madness.  I forget to eat…I forget my budget…I forget who I need to buy gifts for…mainly I forget that the down escalator takes people from upstairs to downstairs.  On Friday I literally stepped onto the downward escalator tripping over my feet and after a few seconds I realize…I am on the wrong escalator.  So I turn around and see adults and children  So I shake my head, laugh, and say out loud, “I’ve lost my mind!”


Likewise, today my mind got lost in the holiday luncheon held at work and I failed to bring my camera, err iPhone.  I will say I had a plate full of a scoop of red beans and rice, 4 seafood salad finger sandwiches(two too many), a deviled egg, marinated veggies two ways, 2 pinwheels, 2 mini meatballs and  2 mini sausages plus I went back for some salad and a scoop of decadent, rich Butterfinger brownie pudding trifle with douses of whipped cream.  Honestly, with all that I wasn’t overly stuffed; I definitely could have gone back for seconds on some things but withheld. 

I did eat a solid breakfast of oatmeal, banana, milk, water, cinnamon, vanilla, cottage cheese, peanut butter, granola, and raisins.

DSC01166  DSC01167 DSC01163

With hot gingerbread tea.

Dinner was eaten out with the sister and her two babies.  At Sake Cafe I had a salmon avocado roll, California roll, and snow crab roll after a cup of miso soup.  I couldn’t finish all of the rolls eating 4 pieces of salmon and California rolls each and 2 of the snow crab, but they were tasty as usual.


Once home I snacked on two dough balls which taste like chocolate chip cookies in case you’re wondering.

Do you have any bad shopping experiences to share? 

Chocolate Chip Dough Balls + Sante Fe Ravioletti Soup

It has been a lazy, yet busy weekend.  On Friday I spent all day Christmas shopping which had me ravenous on Friday.  I did not take pictures of everything, but I did eat fast food since I was on the go; I had Subway and Wendy’s for lunch and dinner and breakfast was eaten at home before leaving for the mall. 

On Saturday, I started out on the right track by getting in an hour and ten minute workout with 30 minutes of weights and forty minutes of cardio.  After that, I came home to find my husband playing Sudoku (which he has a current addiction to).  I played along with him for a good part of the day.


We discovered that we can play on the television with our new ATT U-verse account using the remote.  So after several hours of that, I visited my mom, sister, and nephew and niece late into the night.

Per Chris’s request, Sunday started out with bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.DSC01121

Our sandwiches were topped with center cut bacon, laughing cow light swiss, and scrambled egg.   Hot coffee was sipped along side.


Shortly after heading to the grocery store, I made a simple salad with some boiled shrimp I bought. 


A bed of spinach was topped with shrimp, reduced-fat feta, tomatoes, and a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic vinegar.


The salad was simple, yet delicious.  But I still wanted to try the Silk Nog drink I had just purchased along with a piece of dark chocolate.

DSC01125 DSC01132

Tonight, hub and I planned dinner from a Weight Watchers magazine filled with 15 minute meals.  We agreed upon the Sante Fe Ravioletti Soup. 

The soup is basically a throw-it-in & heat-it-up kind of meal aside from cooking the chicken.  The recipe actually called for Tyson chicken pieces, but I opted to brown chicken pieces that I chopped from chicken breast tenderloins.  It is certainly easy and quick enough to do so still within the fifteen minute or so range.  So I followed the recipe other than the order in which I threw things into the saucepan, but all in all it was a tasty and spicy soup.


Basically, into the pot went chicken, a tsp. of minced garlic, 2 cans chicken broth, Buitonni Three Cheese Ravioletti, 16 oz. medium salsa (use mild if prefer less spicy), can of rinsed and drained black beans, and a 1/4 cup chopped cilantro.  The soup was topped with a dollop of light sour cream as the recipe stated to do.  Quick, tasty, and only 234 calories per 1 1/4 cup serving or 4 points if on the Weight Watchers diet (which I have no clue about.

Tomorrow, my coworkers and I are having a potluck luncheon.  I signed up to bring pinwheels as an appetizer.  A friend mentioned that the Sam’s Club sold them pre-made, so to save time and energy, Mom (who is a member of Sam’s much like Costco) took me to pick up the pinwheels.  I set them on a silver platter with parsley and tomato garnish and they look quite festive if I do say so myself.

DSC01137 DSC01143

120 pinwheels later I decided to bake.  And guess what I wanted?  Diana’s chocolate chip dough balls. 

DSC01154  Thank you Diana for coming up with them.  I don’t know who Annie the Baker is or what her dough balls taste like, but these are SUPER.


I followed the recipe exactly, except I used bittersweet chips, because I was all out of semi-sweet—really no big thing still great!  Oh and I only refrigerated for ten minutes cause I was too impatient to wait.


My dough balls were ready at exactly 12 minutes where they reached 160* on the nose according to my meat thermometer.

DSC01159 Sweet, Chocolatey, Doughy, Goodness

Try them; I did!