Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face

Yesterday I woke up thinking it would be a pretty simple day.  I had an entire day to set up my classroom and prepare for the kiddos to arrive today.  Well, it turned into a pretty eventful day.

Simply made breakfast consisted of cereal, blueberrries, and 2% milk because my husband picked it up at the gas station on the way home and that’s all they had at the time.

Bad plating, bad photography.  Oh well.   And then I was off to work!

Let the celebrations continue!  It was the last day of opportunity for my coworkers and I to actually have freedom to go out to lunch without having to scarf down our food during a thirty minute lunch break (hence the reason we don’t get out much).  After that was brought to my attention I decided to forego my individual room 😉 (any Bachelor fans) my packed lunch and go out with three other teachers.  CiCi’s Pizza was decided on.  Man, I can’t even remember the last time I had pizza.  It is not a fine dining eatery by any means; just a quick family pizza buffet joint.

My Eats

A quick snap of the camera documented my salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrot, mushrooms, and lite italian dressing.  And I savored every bite of my 3 veggie, spinach, and pepperoni slices.

I told my coworkers about the blog and as to why I take pictures of my food.  I wonder if they think I’m nuts!?!  Their expressions gave off a sense of that.   I’ve also experienced a bit of mockery from some of my family.  Additionally, when I try to explain the website address and where they can check it out I hear groans of “Ugh, that’s too much to remember!”  Really people, it’s not that difficult.

Back to lunch…I honestly thought I would still be hungry or want to go back for more food being at a buffet, but once I ate the (aforementioned) food I was completely stuffed.  I could not have eaten another bite.


After work I had plans to meet up with my sister (her son and husband too) and mom for some more celebrating of my birthday.  We went to Casa Garcia, a Mexican restaurant, for dinner.  Always gotta have some of the chips with not only salsa, but also the oh so tasty and warm bean dip.  The bean dip is my favorite thing when I go there.  This time it even had sliced jalapenos in it, which I don’t recall it usually having.

Oh Bean Dip, Where Art Thou?

Then I had some chicken tortilla soup.

I do not recommend the soup.  This was my first time having it and the broth tasted minty, not what I expected for tortilla soup. Though I did enjoy the shredded chicken and big chunk of avocado.  Lastly, for my entree I had an appetizer–chicken lettuce wraps.  The menu did not contain much of a description, but I figured it would be similar to fajitas with lettuce wraps.  It was good, but I felt like I was eating Chinese food rather than Mexican with the seasoned chicken chunks, chopped carrot,  diced zucchini, and shredded cabbage with a light sauce on side, which I did not care for.

Hmmm....Chinese or Mexican

I ate about 1/3 and my stomach was stuffed.

But of course I made room for…..

DESSERT–Whole Foods Chantilly Lace Cake with Fresh Berries purchased by my sister.  Of course it is in fact chantilly icing minus the lace, but that’s what I always call it. 🙂  It feels like such an elegant cake and so moist and so delicious.

Chantilly Lace

My Slice

Chantilly Lace sure put a smile on my face! 😉

Question of the Day: About the whole mocking issue, does that ever happen to any of you?  Does it bother you?  Should I even be bothered by it?  How do you deal with taking pictures in public with people who just don’t get it?


Monday…Red Beans

Ever since I was born, I can remember the tradition of Monday being Red Bean Day!  Not only was it served at school, but when my sister and I got home from school the aroma of Mom’s homemade red beans simmering on the stovetop filled the entire house.  Mom always had baked pork chops alongside the beans and rice.  Often, she would also make cornbread.  If you walk into just about any New Orleans restaurant/po-boy shop on a Monday, red beans are sure to be on the “Special of the Day” menu.  There is even a local children’s author/singer, Johnette Downing, who wrote a book titled Today is Monday in Louisiana, which goes through each day of the week stating which culinary delight is served on that day.  She came and performed where I work a couple years back.  Everyday is not a traditional day for a particular meal, but Mondays are definitely for Red Beans.  I do not always have red beans on Monday, but on this Monday I felt like tradition, so I simmered my red beans on the stove for about three hours to get this yummy dinner.

Homemade red beans with whole grain brown rice

2 cups diced seasoning including onions, bell pepper, parsley, garlic ( I get the creole seasoning mix pre-chopped in the produce section)

1pound of Camelia’s dry red beans (soak in water ahead of time to shorten the cooking time)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 pound pickled meat/pork/ham

1 pound smoked sausage

Hot sauce

Tony’s creole seasonng

Salt and pepper

3 bay leaves

Saute the onion seasoning mix in olive oil.  Add meats and cook until browned.  Add beans removed from soaking water.  Then add fresh water to fill pot.  Finally add all of the other seasonings to taste.  Let beans come to a boil then reduce to medium/low to simmer for 2 to 3 hours until softened and creamy.  Stir periodically to prevent sticking or burning at the bottom of the pot.  Towards the end of cooking time use the back of spoon to smash the beans down.  Remove bay leaves before eating.  Serve over brown or white rice.  Enjoy!