Peanut, Peanut Butter, & Jelly & Jelly

Yes, it is lame I know, but my brain can’t think right now.  Today has been a long day without fruits and vegetables until dinner so my eats are not very colorful; nonetheless, they did serve the purpose.

Breakfast was cold cinnamon raison granola and Kashi Island Vanilla Puffs with some cinnamon almonds and low fat milk.


It does not look like that much, but I had 1/3 c granola, 10 puffs, and 10 almonds, plus 2/3 c milk, but that is plenty enough calories, fats, proteins, and carbs for a sustaining breakfast.

I had some chai on side.


Lunch was just as plain—peanut butter and grape jelly on whole wheat with a side of Fage Greek yogurt with honey (my fave greek yogurt by the way).

DSC01888 Sometimes peanut butter and jelly just really hits the spot.  Again not much, but lots of protein, heart-healthy fats, and whole grains.

After work today, I made my way to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike.  My protein packed lunch kept me full until I was leaving the gym around 5:30.  So I texted the hub to see if he wanted Chinese or a homemade meal from Come Back Inn.  He chose Chinese of course. 

Beef and Broccoli for hub and mixed veggies for me.


Thankful for veggies in my life.  I also had some egg drop soup (which was overly salty, but I managed to consume it all anyway).



With crispy wontons that I ate the majority of on the way home and topped the rest on my soup. 

I also had two fortune cookies.  One had some meaning to it–“Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient!”

I may have some type of sweet snack before the night ends; perhaps my last pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, but I haven’t decided yet.  Now I’m off to do laundry and watch Grey’s Anatomy—my husband got me hooked on this show, but I have not watched it in quite some time.  Are there any other Grey’s fans out there?


Why Not on Wednesday

Why not wake up on time?  Because I’m tired.

Why not start the day with warm oats on a chilled fall morning?  Because I already had the cold overnight oats soaking in the fridge.

9-21-10 004

Oats, plain yogurt, low fat milk, banana, figs, honey, cinnamon

 9-21-10 006

9-21-10 010

Why not take the whole thirty minute lunch break to eat and socialize in the lounge?  Because I had copies to run off  and work to be done.

9-21-10 001

Whole wheat sammie with chicken, provolone (reduced fat), spinach and honey mustard + cucumber, tomato, light italian dressing + peach

9-21-10 002 

Why not eat a healthy snack?  Because a coworker brought me a piece of cake from her baby shower and I just couldn’t turn it down; and oh it was good!! Thanks J.H.! 🙂

9-21-10 011

Why not work out after work?  Because my sister asked me to come help watch her little ones while she got her hair done.

9-21-10 015

Why not eat dinner at a reasonable hour?  Because I stayed at my sister’s house too long and ended up ordering take-out with them…

….after eating some of these with my nephew.

9-21-10 012

Why not order a wonton soup and veggie dish?  Because hub would get the leftovers for his dinner and he likes beef and broccoli.

9-21-10 013

9-21-10 014

My portion + some fruit + fortune cookie

9-21-10 017

Mango (had a second slice of mango unpictured), honeydew, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes

Why not go to bed at a reasonable time?  Because I had to do dishes from last night and blog.

Question of the Night:  Why not do something good for yourself tomorrow?  There is no reason not to!  What will you do for you tomorrow?

Acts of Kindness

There are good people in this world!  That sounds a bit cliche’, but it is pure and simple truth.  A few weeks ago as I was listening to Lifesongs Christian music station on my way to work, I heard this touching story.

As I listened intently on the radio, my eyes began to well up with tears as I thought about what this one woman started by lending a helping hand to a stranger.  Now I am not saying we all need to lend out money to someone in need, but I think a small act of kindness can do wonders for both parties involved.  Additionally, there is a commercial that I love (I think it is an insurance commercial) where it shows one person do something kind for another, and that person displays kindness towards another, and the cycle continues.  It truly demonstrates  how a small act of kindness can turn a world filled with so much negativity into a much more positive place to live.


I needed a helping hand to get myself out of bed this morning in the form of my alarm clock.  After yesterday’s late night at work, I was and still am feeling somewhat lackadaisical.  Following my awakening I made a bowl of rolled oats to enjoy for breakfast.

After heating a half cup of oats with a half cup of water, and a half cup of almond milk, I threw in half of a sliced banana (other half went in the freezer), a few raspberries, a teaspoon of peanut butter, a drizzle of honey, and a small handful of granola.

Close Up

Later on for lunch, I finished up the eggplant and shrimp casserole.  For some added nutrients, I ate sliced cucumbers and a baby orange bell from the garden, and a plum.

Lunch in the Lounge

A coworker walked in the lounge and said something smelled good after I had just finished heating my lunch; I presume it was my casserole because it sure tasted goooood! 😉

Even though I felt like I could use a nap after work, I decided to head straight to the gym for an energy boost.  Prior to my arrival, I ate a Think Thin Lemon Cream Pie Bar.  Mom bought me a couple at the gym’s cafe the other day because the nutritionist, Molly, who works there recommended them.

As I was eating it, I couldn’t help but wonder about my two King Bars I still have in my fridge.  I most definitely prefer those over the Think Thin.  The white chocolate, lemony flavored bar reminded me greatly of a protein bar with it’s chalky-like texture.  I finished it, but wasn’t satisfied with the flavor or the texture, but it is under 200 calories which I *heart* in a bar if I’m going to eat one.

Once I arrived at the gym, I overheard two ladies’ discussion about having mints or gum.  I could have minded my own business and pretended not to hear.  But I reached in my purse for my mints and my gum, peaked my head around the corner of the lockers, and said, “Gum or mints,” as I held up both.  They graciously accepted, and one of the woman said she was indebted to me.  Really, it was just two mints;  I certainly did not expect anything in return from my sharing two mints.  Just a small, simple act of kindness.

I carried on with my warm up of 15 minutes on the elliptical, approx. 30 minutes of strength training, and a final 15 minutes on the treadmill.

As I watched Oprah while doing the elliptical machine, I was listening to the generous and humble Will.I.Am, from Black Eye Peas, speak about his charity where he, out of his own pocket, pays off mortgages of families in need here in America.  On the show, Oprah announced Will would be paying off two houses of guests who were on the show.  My eyes soon began to fill with tears and the hairs on my arms stood just hearing about all the good this one man is doing.  Gosh, I must have looked silly working out wiping away tears from my face.  Or maybe it was just sweat that I was wiping away. 😉

Before leaving the gym I texted my hubby to ask him what he wanted for dinner.  Earlier in the day I mentioned picking up Chinese food so I could take the night off from my cooking duties.  So I stopped at the Little Chinese Kitchen on my way home.  It is a fairly new take-out Chinese restaurant.  I placed my order of Beef & Broccoli for the hub, and veggie dish with a small wonton soup for me.  I requested brown rice with my veggies, but they only offer white.

White Rice, Veggies, and Wonton Soup

I portioned out some of the order to enjoy!

I had 2 wontons out of the 5 that came in my soup with half of the broth and a few crispy fried wontons.  My veggie bowl included a packed half cup of rice with about 1 cup of the veggie mixture.

Daily Dose of Greens

Salty Comfort in a Mug

*Warning* Be aware of portion size when dining on Chinese.

FYI:  I am about to eat my fortune cookie once I hit publish.


I could add more stories that exemplify kindness, but there are just so many stories that hit my heart in its soft spot.  It goes without saying, the main point is that true kindness comes from within.  Kindness is displayed when the person sharing it wants or asks for nothing in return, nor do they boast about it.  Kindness is the unspoken that comes from the heart!

Question of the Night:  Do you have any stories that exemplify true kindness in your eyes?  Please share.