Today I had the opportunity to sit in on the Louisiana State University Ag Center’s Expanded Food & Nutrition Education  Program (EFNEP) Advisory Board meeting.  On Monday I was invited to be a part of this leadership committee for the Parish of Jefferson.  I, only being a teacher, felt somewhat out of place sitting in on a meeting with Vice Presidents and Executives of local business entities.  However, I enjoyed being included. 

The program’s purpose is to disseminate information to parents and teens as it relates to health and nutrition in making the best choices possible.  Karen Walker, Registered Dietician for LSU Ag Center, is designing the program for underprivileged teens in the area along with Bertina, representative of EFNEP; the meeting was held to gain some insight from community members regarding what we felt were the most important issues that should be targeted within their educational program.    After some discussions and input the top three topics were adolescent nutrition, childhood obesity, and parental support and involvement.  I look forward to hearing what comes of the program, how I can help, and participating in our follow up meeting to be held in January.

Due to my meeting today, I was able to sleep in and to capture my breakfast in daylight hours.


Greek Yogurt and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin mixed with two tablespoons of granola and half a fuji apple.


The apple with the granola reminded me of a candied apple—so good!


I even had time to brew some pumpkin spice coffee with fat free half & half and truvia.


At the meeting I ate 1 mini zucchini muffin made by the RD.  She said she would email the recipe.

Lunch included leftovers from last night green beans and potatoes with pickle meat + creamed cauliflower.


Plus some blueberry greek yogurt.


I stayed late at work to catch up on some planning and paperwork, so I grabbed some pretzels out of the vending machine.


When I arrived home, I found Mom bearing gifts.  She took another trip to Chicago and I babysat her dog.  So I got a jumbo sized Trader Joe’s insulated bag filled with treats and eats.


DSC01878 DSC01879

DSC01881 DSC01880

I had to have one of the oatmeal raisin cookies—so soft and good for you!  I was in no mood to cook dinner tonight so I pulled a Caitlin and had a sweet potato topped with baked beans and steamed broccoli drizzled with teriyaki sauce (which was too gingery). 


As for the potato and beans, Caitlin was right; it is a winning combination! 🙂


Question of the Night: Which of these topics seems most important to you?

*Adolescent Nutrition

*Childhood Obesity

*Teen Athletes

*Teen Pregnancy

*Putting Gardens in Schools

*Adult Nutrition

*Parental Support and Involvement


Friday Recap & Healthified Pizza

I apologize for skipping yesterday’s post.  I just wasn’t feeling it and after running a couple errands after work I came home and crashed for a couple hours.  Then I spent some time with my hub.  Here is a recap of yesterday’s eats.

Breakfast:  Sandwich Thin topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, Sliced Nanner, and Cinnamon Sprinkling

Lunch: Salad with Sliced Pear, Sliced Squash, Sliced Cucumbers, Grape Tomatoes, Reduced Fat Feta, Light Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Pita Chips

Snackage:  Tortilla Chips + Spinach and Artichoke Hummus, Half Pear, + more (was feeling very snacky today so I also had a Reduced Fat Colby Jack Cheese Square and some cookies from frozen cookie dough; probably could have went a more healthy route, but I was tired and hungry which is not a good combo)

Dinner:  Healthified Tortilla Pizza–I used a whole wheat tortilla as the dough.  (A pita or english muffin split open could also be used.)  I topped the tortilla with a tablespoon of store-bought tomato basil sauce, a light babybel cheese round, sliced squash, broccoli, a spritz of cooking spray, red pepper flakes, salt, and parmesan cheese sprinkles.  It was baked at 400* for 12 minutes or so.  I had one whole tortilla to myself and split a second with the hub.  I’ve made these before for myself, but it was his first tortilla pizza.  His response after eating it, “I’ll have to make these for myself more often!”  So it definitely gets the hubby-stamp-of-approval!

This is a really simple, healthy way to get your pizza fix rather than ordering delivery or take-out.  And did I mention how good it tastes!  Not to mention it is fun and easy to make because the topping combinations are endless based on individual likes and differences.  I think this would be fun for kids to make their own personal pizzas as well, but I’m not there yet!

I confess–I also ate a handful of pistachios and a dark chocolate square before bedtime.

P.S. I think it might have been the artificial sweetener in the coffee at work that I had earlier in the day causing me to be so hungry.  I don’ drink it often at work, but when I do I get cravings in the evening after work.  That must have been it.  Does that happen to you all?

Question of the Day:  What are your favorite pizza topping combinations?

The Verdict Is In

Yesterday I decided to eat dinner since my stomach was feeling hungry.  The verdict–I took out some penne and turkey meat sauce I had in the freezer from a previous meal.  I ate about 1/2 cup of the pasta/sauce mix and a cup and a half of steamed broccoli.  Since I ate such a late lunch, I didn’t want to eat too much for dinner.  

  However, that did not satisfy me, so I had a Chobani Greek Honey.  To be honest, I could not find the honey.  They forgot to put it in.  It wasn’t on bottom, on top, or in between.  So I added a drizzle of my own to the top.

I also had a juicy, fuzzy peach and called it a night.  (Picture not posted.)