Blogger Envy

Reading numerous blogs each day can cause one to be envious of others. I’m sure it happens to many of us.  Kailey over at Snack-Face wrote a post regarding this same topic just the other day.  I am not going to go into great depth as to whose lives I find to be close to perfect  because I know their “perfect worlds” are a mere fallacy  made up in my mind and the grass is not always greener on the other side.  However, I will tell you that I do envy the foods and the activities that other bloggers eat and do in their day to day lives.

Some of those include, but are not limited to:

~Adding chia seeds to my yogurt or oatmeal.  I have yet to do that because I can’t find those things anywhere.  Maybe I should just go buy a ch-ch-chia (pet).

~Taking an exercise class like zumba or yoga or body pump.  I am just too darn intimidated and I’ve never been a dancer or coordinated in that manner.  Any advice for a novice who is interested in adding some variety to her workout routine?

On the other hand, there are some things I have mimicked  or tried after seeing it on other blogs like…

this morning I made my breakfast smile. 


I’m telling you I literally smiled back at my plate.  I felt like Tom Hanks with Wilson, the volleyball, there for a minute.

And I had some hot Nutcracker Sweet Tea Holiday Edition with a splash of milk.


For lunch I added some broccoli slaw to my wrap for some crunch; it was such a nice addition.


So yeah, I saw the slaw and the muenster cheese on a blog and had to have them.  I added them to my whole wheat wrap along with turkey, mustard, spinach, and sliced roma.  I added a wacked looking nectarine for some sweetness.


And dinner included another item I saw on a blog, Vodka sauce.  I browned some lean ground beef and added the sauce to heat through.  Spaghetti and fresh baby spinach was topped with the meat sauce.

DSC00960 DSC00959

Tonight was a first time having Vodka sauce and it was a nice twist on the usual tomato basil sauce.

Finally, I ended the night with another blogger-induced craving–apple crisp.  The crisp was made from sliced apples and granola along with some flavorings and sweeteners, but I didn’t love it so won’t be sharing a recipe.


Do you find yourself envious of other bloggers?


Emphasize the Positive

Breakfast this morning was filling and easy to prepare. I satisfied my hunger with a peanut butter and seedless black raspberry preserve sandwich. I ate a sliced honeycrisp apple on the side.


I also had some mango black tea on the side for sipping.

Lunch was provided by the school system. Last week were able to order a salad if we preferred to have one, so after three Tuesday lunches composed of sandwiches I went with a chef salad.


The salad had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, turkey, ham, cheese, egg, and croutons with fat free ranch dressing. I also ate the grapes and cookie for snacks.

Later on I had way too many bite sized candies that were poured on our table. After the in-service, I headed over to my sister’s house to find more sweet treats brought over by my mom.

I had a slice of pound cake and some more (Halloween) candy.



Mom and I took my nephew, Jett, to the park to feed the ducks and walk the track. We walked 2 miles pushing Jett along in his jogger stroller. It was a bit tough because the tires were flat, but we managed.

Finally, we arrived back at my sister’s house to enjoy her home cooked dinner. She made baked tilapia marinated with lemons, butter, and artichoke hearts in individual foil packets. Side dishes included sautéed spinach with almonds, cucumber salad, and macaroni-n-cheese. I passed on the mac and cheese, but lapped up the fish and veggies.



Dinner was so tasty! The tilapia, lemon, artichoke combination went very well together. All too often I forget how simple and tasteful fish can be to cook and eat; I need to cook it more.

And for dessert—


On another note–At my in-service today a point was made as it relates to a teacher’s focus on students and their behaviors. As I was listening to the presenter, my mind went slightly on a tangent and her words reminded me of something women (I) do so often to themselves. Too much emphasis is put on the negative!

I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED!! I so often point out my flaws as I look at my reflection in the mirror getting ready in the morning. “My hips look big, my thighs look big, that dimple is disgusting, what is with that crinkle in the middle of my nose, my eye looks lazy!?!” I could go on and on about things I dislike about myself and I have been doing it since I was a kid. I cannot fully pinpoint when or why it started, but I know I have suffered with low self-esteem for quite some time.

This negative behavior of mine is something I am trying to work on, to be more accepting of myself and to be appreciative of what God has given me. But in the back of my mind I wonder if I will truly ever be fully satisfied with myself. I have started to accept myself more since becoming more fit and comfortable in my own skin, but the negatives are still prevalent in my mind.

I have read many other blog posts among the healthy living community that all send a message to counteract those negative thoughts or fat talk as one puts it. I agree that we so often bash ourselves and pick out our flaws; however, like those blogs strive to do, WE NEED TO EMPHASIZE THE POSITIVES!

Here are some blogs that strive for acceptance of oneself. They help me to focus on positivity rather than dwelling on the negatives.

· Caitlin with Operation Beautiful

· Heather with Faces of Beauty

· Tina with Faith, Fitness, Fun

And for your viewing pleasure, my new hairstyle by Mom…

Ignore my outdated (woops, positive) Look at my antique? kitchen. 😉



In Different Lighting and Angle

Oh wait, that crinkle in my nose is characteristic of my French nationality. Well in that case, I like it! 🙂

Please share one positive comment about yourself to emphasize the positive!


Today I had the opportunity to sit in on the Louisiana State University Ag Center’s Expanded Food & Nutrition Education  Program (EFNEP) Advisory Board meeting.  On Monday I was invited to be a part of this leadership committee for the Parish of Jefferson.  I, only being a teacher, felt somewhat out of place sitting in on a meeting with Vice Presidents and Executives of local business entities.  However, I enjoyed being included. 

The program’s purpose is to disseminate information to parents and teens as it relates to health and nutrition in making the best choices possible.  Karen Walker, Registered Dietician for LSU Ag Center, is designing the program for underprivileged teens in the area along with Bertina, representative of EFNEP; the meeting was held to gain some insight from community members regarding what we felt were the most important issues that should be targeted within their educational program.    After some discussions and input the top three topics were adolescent nutrition, childhood obesity, and parental support and involvement.  I look forward to hearing what comes of the program, how I can help, and participating in our follow up meeting to be held in January.

Due to my meeting today, I was able to sleep in and to capture my breakfast in daylight hours.


Greek Yogurt and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin mixed with two tablespoons of granola and half a fuji apple.


The apple with the granola reminded me of a candied apple—so good!


I even had time to brew some pumpkin spice coffee with fat free half & half and truvia.


At the meeting I ate 1 mini zucchini muffin made by the RD.  She said she would email the recipe.

Lunch included leftovers from last night green beans and potatoes with pickle meat + creamed cauliflower.


Plus some blueberry greek yogurt.


I stayed late at work to catch up on some planning and paperwork, so I grabbed some pretzels out of the vending machine.


When I arrived home, I found Mom bearing gifts.  She took another trip to Chicago and I babysat her dog.  So I got a jumbo sized Trader Joe’s insulated bag filled with treats and eats.


DSC01878 DSC01879

DSC01881 DSC01880

I had to have one of the oatmeal raisin cookies—so soft and good for you!  I was in no mood to cook dinner tonight so I pulled a Caitlin and had a sweet potato topped with baked beans and steamed broccoli drizzled with teriyaki sauce (which was too gingery). 


As for the potato and beans, Caitlin was right; it is a winning combination! 🙂


Question of the Night: Which of these topics seems most important to you?

*Adolescent Nutrition

*Childhood Obesity

*Teen Athletes

*Teen Pregnancy

*Putting Gardens in Schools

*Adult Nutrition

*Parental Support and Involvement

The Inspiration

Not that it matters, but I thought I would share why I read blogs and why I found myself wanting to start my own blog. 

For starters, I began reading one blog which I found through, the online database I previously used to keep track of all my food intake and exercise habits.  I hadn’t  known such blogs existed, but was excited to stumble upon one.

I didn’t read A Healthy Slice of Life to judge Brittany or what she did or did not eat.  I became fascinated with how she conjured up healthy meals and snacks.  I enjoyed reading how she balanced health and exercise and learning about the odds and ends of her day to day life with the added humor and personality that shines through in her pictures and writings.    Through her blog, I then became a “fan” so to speak of other blogs as well.  Really, I had no clue there was an entire community of healthy living bloggers out there in the world of the web.

I didn’t become a fan of these bloggers because I idolize every morsel of food that they eat or refrain from eating; nor was it the fact that I became envious that they can run and bike and perform crazy yoga stances.  Though I do wish I could do those things, perhaps not to the same extent.

I read for the inspiration.  They inspire me to eat healthy.  They inspire me to be more active.  They inspire me to cook with real foods that I would have never known about prior or attempted to try on my own.  They inspire me to seek out new adventures and goals.  They inspire me to live life and enjoy life by living “MY” best life.

So after a couple of months of reading the five blogs I still follow daily and a few others here and there, I thought to myself, “this would be a fun hobby to take photos, to write, to share recipes, to review restaurants, to capture my attempts to live a healthified life”—whatever that may be for me at this time.  So my blog is just that, my life and how I aspire to be healthy.  If ever anything is shared, it is merely what I have experienced and found to work for me.  I am certainly not a nutritionist, but from my own research and endless reading of health related articles I have learned a thing or two.  Additionally, it is an added bonus that there are people around the country to interact with, get advice or suggestions from, and support each others’ triumphs and trials.

On a closing note, I leave you with this song from one of my favorite Christian rock bands.


Question of the Night:  Why do you read food blogs or healthy living blogs?