Emphasize the Positive

Breakfast this morning was filling and easy to prepare. I satisfied my hunger with a peanut butter and seedless black raspberry preserve sandwich. I ate a sliced honeycrisp apple on the side.


I also had some mango black tea on the side for sipping.

Lunch was provided by the school system. Last week were able to order a salad if we preferred to have one, so after three Tuesday lunches composed of sandwiches I went with a chef salad.


The salad had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, turkey, ham, cheese, egg, and croutons with fat free ranch dressing. I also ate the grapes and cookie for snacks.

Later on I had way too many bite sized candies that were poured on our table. After the in-service, I headed over to my sister’s house to find more sweet treats brought over by my mom.

I had a slice of pound cake and some more (Halloween) candy.



Mom and I took my nephew, Jett, to the park to feed the ducks and walk the track. We walked 2 miles pushing Jett along in his jogger stroller. It was a bit tough because the tires were flat, but we managed.

Finally, we arrived back at my sister’s house to enjoy her home cooked dinner. She made baked tilapia marinated with lemons, butter, and artichoke hearts in individual foil packets. Side dishes included sautéed spinach with almonds, cucumber salad, and macaroni-n-cheese. I passed on the mac and cheese, but lapped up the fish and veggies.



Dinner was so tasty! The tilapia, lemon, artichoke combination went very well together. All too often I forget how simple and tasteful fish can be to cook and eat; I need to cook it more.

And for dessert—


On another note–At my in-service today a point was made as it relates to a teacher’s focus on students and their behaviors. As I was listening to the presenter, my mind went slightly on a tangent and her words reminded me of something women (I) do so often to themselves. Too much emphasis is put on the negative!

I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED!! I so often point out my flaws as I look at my reflection in the mirror getting ready in the morning. “My hips look big, my thighs look big, that dimple is disgusting, what is with that crinkle in the middle of my nose, my eye looks lazy!?!” I could go on and on about things I dislike about myself and I have been doing it since I was a kid. I cannot fully pinpoint when or why it started, but I know I have suffered with low self-esteem for quite some time.

This negative behavior of mine is something I am trying to work on, to be more accepting of myself and to be appreciative of what God has given me. But in the back of my mind I wonder if I will truly ever be fully satisfied with myself. I have started to accept myself more since becoming more fit and comfortable in my own skin, but the negatives are still prevalent in my mind.

I have read many other blog posts among the healthy living community that all send a message to counteract those negative thoughts or fat talk as one puts it. I agree that we so often bash ourselves and pick out our flaws; however, like those blogs strive to do, WE NEED TO EMPHASIZE THE POSITIVES!

Here are some blogs that strive for acceptance of oneself. They help me to focus on positivity rather than dwelling on the negatives.

· Caitlin with Operation Beautiful

· Heather with Faces of Beauty

· Tina with Faith, Fitness, Fun

And for your viewing pleasure, my new hairstyle by Mom…

Ignore my outdated (woops, positive) Look at my antique? kitchen. 😉



In Different Lighting and Angle

Oh wait, that crinkle in my nose is characteristic of my French nationality. Well in that case, I like it! 🙂

Please share one positive comment about yourself to emphasize the positive!


Peanut, Peanut Butter, & Jelly & Jelly

Yes, it is lame I know, but my brain can’t think right now.  Today has been a long day without fruits and vegetables until dinner so my eats are not very colorful; nonetheless, they did serve the purpose.

Breakfast was cold cinnamon raison granola and Kashi Island Vanilla Puffs with some cinnamon almonds and low fat milk.


It does not look like that much, but I had 1/3 c granola, 10 puffs, and 10 almonds, plus 2/3 c milk, but that is plenty enough calories, fats, proteins, and carbs for a sustaining breakfast.

I had some chai on side.


Lunch was just as plain—peanut butter and grape jelly on whole wheat with a side of Fage Greek yogurt with honey (my fave greek yogurt by the way).

DSC01888 Sometimes peanut butter and jelly just really hits the spot.  Again not much, but lots of protein, heart-healthy fats, and whole grains.

After work today, I made my way to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike.  My protein packed lunch kept me full until I was leaving the gym around 5:30.  So I texted the hub to see if he wanted Chinese or a homemade meal from Come Back Inn.  He chose Chinese of course. 

Beef and Broccoli for hub and mixed veggies for me.


Thankful for veggies in my life.  I also had some egg drop soup (which was overly salty, but I managed to consume it all anyway).



With crispy wontons that I ate the majority of on the way home and topped the rest on my soup. 

I also had two fortune cookies.  One had some meaning to it–“Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient!”

I may have some type of sweet snack before the night ends; perhaps my last pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, but I haven’t decided yet.  Now I’m off to do laundry and watch Grey’s Anatomy—my husband got me hooked on this show, but I have not watched it in quite some time.  Are there any other Grey’s fans out there?

Dazed and Confused

It was definitely difficult to wake up this morning due to my Sudafed Nighttime Cold Medicine.  Needless to say, I overslept by about thirty minutes, but still had time to get in some breakfast.  I had a satisfying peanut butter and grape preserve sandwich on a deli flat and a sliced orange (hoping some vitamins will help my immune system in kicking this cold).

Orange + Hot Green Mango Tea A.K.A. Foods to Fight the Cold

I took a Daytime Sudafed for Severe Cold before heading to work, and I do not recommend them when operating a vehicle.  My whole drive to work was dazed and confused and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure how I got there.  I almost felt like I had a bit too much to drink and only hoped I wasn’t swerving in and out of lanes.  Luckily, I made it to work safely and on time.  After I got moving around the classroom, my daze seemed to fade away.  A couple hours later I felt some hunger pangs chirping in my stomach.  Thankfully, lunch time was near.

Scrumptious Salad--Pork Pieces Heated and Topped Just Before Consumption

My salad was just the right lunch to quench my hunger.  It contained romaine, carrots, squash, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, pork tenderloins that the hub cooked up to add to his veggie soup last night (he’s certainly a meat eater), and 2 tbsp. of light raspberry vinaigrette.  I also ate a 1/4 cup of Kashi Mountain Medley Granola for some “dessert.”

On my way to a meeting after work I ate some satiating peanuts.  A handful of peanuts truly gives me that energy boost and leaves me with a feeling of fullness from the healthy fats, so a handful of nuts is a great snack.  Be advised that peanuts or any nuts should be eaten in moderation because they do have a high caloric value.  So purchase portioned bags or portion them out from the larger containers if your hand has trouble sealing the lid once you have had a fair portion–generally an ounce for nuts.

The original title of this post was intended to be “Sick of the Cold–Exercise or Don’t.”  But when I got home from my meeting tonight, I happened to look at the blog of fellow blogger, Julie, at PBFingers.  What a coincidence!  She completely stole my idea! [Kidding] 😉  I even looked up some information earlier today on the computer just before lunch regarding whether or not one should work out when sick. I found the same information about “above the neck, below the neck” symptoms that she stated.  Ultimately I decided to forego my original post idea, since you can easily take a look at hers.  Regarding my own decision on working out tonight, I feel I need to get some rest and let my body take a break.  1.) My hip is agitated and I am taking some time off.  2.) My head feels congested like it may explode at any second.  And from what I gathered, one cannot sweat out his or her cold.  The key is rest, hydrate, and eat.  So that’s it!  I’m off to hydrate, figure out what I can take out of the freezer for dinner, and catch up on some much needed rest and maybe watch some t.v. (since I started the blog I hardly ever watch t.v. anymore).  Good night!

Question of the Night: What is your favorite on-the-go snack?