As I live a life aspiring to be healthified, I sometimes encounter some setbacks.  In know way am I the perfect picture of healthy.  Though I do try.  Lately, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon eating out far too much and exercising far too less.  Perhaps that may be why I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner.  Oh, well it may also have to do with my current addiction to couponing and finding a deal.  Or maybe I’m just burned out with work and want to just take it easy in the evenings.  I’m hoping once summer gets here in about 2 and a 1/2 weeks I’ll get back into the swing of things. 


On a positive note, I never knew how much wearing a dress to work would make people notice me.  I generally wear capris, jeans, or dress pants.  Nope, not today.  I went with a dress.  And got literally about 20 compliments.  One of my students even asked, “Mrs. Lay, do you exercise?”  “Yes,” I responded."  He sated, “Oh, cause I can tell.” 


When I was a young adult, I didn’t want to be noticed.  I would often wear big, baggy clothes to hide my body.  I would stand in the corner against the wall at “boy-girl” parties in middle school; I certainly was not the one in the middle of the dance floor shaking it.  Had I wanted to be that girl?  Maybe.

As I’ve gotten older I am not as self conscious as I used to be, but there are still some things that bother me.  I’m working on loving ME for ME more each day.

Often times, I think my attitude is dependent on how much effort I put into being my best me.  I know when I take some extra time on my appearance I feel better all around.  I encourage YOU to do something out of the ordinary this week with your appearance.*  Stand out and let YOU shine.

*Please don’t take this post the wrong way.  I am not Shallow Hal. 


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