Taken As A Sign

When I opened my webpage last night I got a page error saying WordPress was a Read-Only website and nothing could be posted to my personal webpage, so I took it as a sign that I wasn’t supposed to blog and relaxed the night away. 

I woke up bright and early and was able to cook breakfast and pack my lunch without it being a random mix of items thrown together.  Breakfast was a fried yolky egg with a whole wheat English muffin with a tad of Brummel & Brown.  I also had a Chobani Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt for some additional staying power.

DSC00934 DSC00931 DSC00933

My salad for today’s lunch was similar to a Cobb salad in the way I lined up everything, but it was missing a few essentials when it comes to being compared to one like boiled egg, avocado, blue cheese, and bacon.  Though that didn’t keep me from enjoying it.  It turned out to be more of a club salad instead.


I started with a bed of butter mix lettuce and iceberg.  The lettuce mix was topped with grape tomaters, sliced turkey, reduced fat colby jack, and broccoli slaw.  I topped the salad with 2 tablespoons of light ranch dressing.  Gotta have ranch on a club salad.  I had a large apple on the side.


The snacks of the day included a Cherry Pie Larabar and tortilla chips with some spicy salsa.

After tutoring I headed home, did a few chores then made my way to the grocery.  I picked up a couple portabellas to roast for dinner, but turns out I am not a fan of them. 


I baked them at 400* and I think they would have been better grilled.  Anyway, my sandwich thin was smeared with dijon mustard, low fat mayo; and the mushroom was topped with muenster, spinach, and roma tomatoes before being removed from the bun.  I only ate a little more than half of the shroom before its removal only to finish the toppings and cheese.  Leftover corn from last night’s dinner was enjoyed on the side.


I made Chris a portabella sandwich as well.  Before I even sat down and finished up snapping pictures, he had finished his sandwich and he said, “It was just okay, but I don’t want it ever again.”  A few minutes later [laughing] he pulls the entire mushroom from a bowl that was holding his garlic-buttered corn.  He did not even eat but one tiny bite of the portabella.  I’ll take that as a sign and skip the portabellas next time. 😉


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