Mardi Gras and the Aftermath

Hi friends!  Mardi Gras and a power outage kept me away, but I wanted to share some of my Mardi Gras with you all!

The day started by getting ready for the parades.  As children, my sister and I always dressed in costume along with everyone else out at the parades.  One year I was a Dalmatian and I think my sister was an Indian but that may be way off base.  My memory fades me except that Mom has a picture of me dressed as the Dalmatian.  Costumes are few and far between now; it just isn’t quite the same though.  So in my attempt to be festive I remembered to wear my Mardi Gras colors—purple, green, and gold.  I had a goldish flower to hold my too short ponytail in back just in case you’re wondering where that came in.  I also attempted to do purple, green, and gold eye shadow, but my shadows didn’t show all that well.


And here are the finished tamales once they’re all heated and covered in sauce (and eaten).

DSC00750 tamale Here you can see my sampling of tamales.  Don’t let this fool you though.  I also had hot dogs and chili and lots of king cake and maybe even a brownie or two.  After all it was Fat Tuesday.

Out on the parade route I took a few videos and compiled them into one.  I hope you enjoy.


As you can see, there was quite a bit of a thunderstorm yesterday.  It seemed as though it was a sign of cleansing the city after all of the drinking and partying and sinning that went on the previous day for Mardi Gras.  Either way, I wasn’t happy about the weather because it left my home without power for 7 hours.  Luckily my sister was home so I spent my day off at her house hanging with my niece and nephew.  I hoped to get some things done around the house before I had to return to work, but not too much happened.  I did manage to clean out my closet discarding a big bag of clothes that were either too big, faded, stained, or just stuff I never wear.


So the entire day was not completed wasted.  As for today I had to go back to work. *sad face*

Breakfast was a blueberry greek yogurt mess.


I added a half cup of Kashi Heart to Heart and a ripe, sliced banana. 

For lunch I went with a simple turkey sandwich with mustard, lettuce, and tomato.  Mmm, mmm. Something about iceberg on a sandwich.  And I enjoyed an apple on side.


After a KIND Bar and my 45 minute cardio session at the gym, I made it home to cook dinner.  It was a combination of sautéed kale, whole wheat pasta, sundried tomato, center cut bacon, feta cheese, and apple cider vinegar along with some seasonings.  My inspiration was this Cooking Light recipe, but I modified it quite a bit by first simmering the kale for thirty minutes in bacon grease, water, sugar, vinegar, cayenne, and salt as directed on the back of the bag.

DSC00776 DSC00778 DSC00777

Kale takes some getting used to.  I have eaten it before and it has a bitter taste to it.  I think the longer it cooks the less bitter it tastes, so I was happy with the outcome after simmering it for a little more than 30 minutes.  Had I followed the recipe mentioned above, I may have been throwing away tonight’s dinner without eating it because it only allotted a few minutes for the cook time of the kale.  Glad I switched it up.  Both Chris and I enjoyed it, but we agreed we are not big fans of sundried tomatoes due to the tartness.

Do you cook with the bitter leafy green also known as kale?  What about tart sundried tomatoes?


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