Food Network, Humor Me Please

I’ll admit that I am a big fan of most all of the Food Network hosts and their shows.  They each have their own unique idiosyncrasies in which some can be annoying and others I’ve grown to accept and like.  For instance one that annoys me to no end, Ina Garten’s continual references to “good” chocolate or “good” cooking oil.  Really, that gets on my nerves; what qualifies as “good,” Ina? 

When I ran across this blog today I could not stop myself from cracking up.  The Food Network Humor website was launched in January of 2009 aiming to poke fun at the network’s hosts and shows viewed daily by millions.  Take a look at the humorous website when in need of a laugh to:

1. See how inappropriate some of the hosts actually are.

2. See how unoriginal some of the hosts actually are.

3. See how vicious some of the hosts actually are.

4. See how judgmental some of the hosts actually are.

5. See how loved some of the hosts actually are.

I hope you find the site as entertaining as I have.


I know I have been away from blogging for a while, but that hasn’t stopped me from eating or cooking.

A couple breakfasts the past few days:


Sandwich thin with Brummel & Brown and seedless raspberry preserves and yogurt


Pancakes using Brittney’s Recipe topped with blueberry compote and melted peanut butter—yummy!


Today’s Breakfast—Barley Porridge

A few lunches here and there…


Fried egg on top garden veggie burger and roasted green beans


Salad with chicken, strawberries, feta, balsamic, and olive oil


Today’s lunch—turkey and swiss melted at work, bell and olive hummus, and satsuma

And some of my dinners recently…


Chicken noodle soup from freezer with buttered (Brummel & Brown) crackers


Homemade lean beef meatballs and gravy over whole wheat spaghetti


For tonight’s dinner, I used leftover whole wheat pasta to make alfredo pasta using lowfat milk, plain greek yogurt, reduced fat chive and onion cream cheese, laughing cow light swiss, and grated parmesan.  The bell peppers were stuffed with green onion chicken sausage removed from the casings.

Of course there has been snacking the past week with lots of chips + hummus, fruit, yogurt, larabars, almonds, etc. but have eluded any pictures.

Don’t forget to have a laugh here! 🙂


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