2011 Resolutions

I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions over the past few days.  Last year I did set some goals, but I think they were a bit vague; so this year I am setting some specific aspirations in my quest to live a healthified life—not only in eating healthy and exercising, but also in my emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and interpersonal aspects of living a life of wellness.

Although I try to eat the right things, do cardiovascular exercises, and strength train, I sometimes get down on myself like I am not being my best self.  So here is a list containing my aspirations for 2011.

1. Pray Daily. I listen to the Christian music station daily; however, I do not always pray for guidance, strength, and peace like I may actually need in aspects of life.  Also, being raised Catholic, I went to mass every Sunday growing up.  As an adult I have gone through phases where I attend and then one Sunday just don’t feel like going.  In general, I feel more spiritual and better about life when I go to church.  So if praying means silent prayer throughout the day, attending church on Sundays, or singing God’s prayer as I listen to music, that is what I’ll strive to do. Hopefully, I can convince my husband to join me at mass once a month.

2. Monthly Date Night with Chris. Being in a relationship is no easy task.  I think making time devoted to each other is of top importance in a relationship or else you fall into a rut of becoming more like roommates.  I’ve been there and it is no fun.  Quality time, communication, and physical touch are of the utmost importance in having a successful relationship. 

3. Take a Nutrition Course.  My fascination with nutrition has grown over the past year and I want to learn.  I am going to look for some online courses that I might take this semester.  After the course I want to reevaluate where I am at and see if this is a career path I may want to pursue more in depth.

4. Take a Photography Class.  Starting the blog, my interest in photography has grown.  I take way too many pictures of each meal trying to capture an appealing photo.  Often that leads to cold food, but it is fun to me.  I am in search of a local beginner photography class.  Now, I only have a Sony Cybershot camera, so that may determine whether or not I will be a suitable candidate to participate. 

5. Read At Least 5 Books This Year.  I enjoy reading; however, I often find myself falling asleep into my first few pages.  On the other hand, I have all summer off of work, so I can make time to read.  I want to incorporate fictional and non-fictional works into my reading time.  I have seen some recommendations around blog world, so I may pick up one of those to start.

6. De-clutter My House.  Living in a nearly 1,200 square foot home it is almost impossible to store everything that my husband and I own.  When I bring something new home, it makes me cringe to have to find a place to put it.  I am certainly no hoarder, but I do have a hard time parting with my belongings even if I haven’t used it in years. 

So there you have it!  Those are my goals for the year, 2011!  It’s on paper the web for the world to see; I need to get started ASAP! 😉

Just in case you’re here to see what I’ve been noshing on the past couple days, let’s look back on yesterday.


Green Smoothie in a Bowl with Hot TeaDSC01523 Whey vanilla protein powder, frozen banana, soy milk, oatmeal, spinach + granola and almond butter on top


DSC01530 Leftovers from New Year’s DayDSC01533 Dinner


Pasta  Dish made with spinach, garlic, olive oil, white wine, rice wine vinegar, shrimp, and provolone cheese, Chinese red pepper, salt, black pepper.  I did not write down the recipe, but the husband loved it!


Chris wanted dessert so I made a batch of peanut butter cookies following this recipe with a couple exceptions.  I halved the entire recipe and got out 30 cookies, and I also subbed Brummel & Brown Yogurt Spread for the butter.  Instead of crunchy peanut butter, I used creamy.  Oh, and I cooked them at 350* for 14 minutes after freezing the dough for 20 minutes.


If anyone has any suggestions related to my resolutions, please advise!  Thanks! 🙂


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