Wrapping up 2010

I hope you all enjoyed the first day of 2011.  Chris and I laid low today both taking care of some household work.  I packed away all of the Christmas decorations while he went to my sister’s house to continue working on getting the over-a-thousand-piece swing put together.

Last night we attended a small get-together at a friend’s house to ring in the New Year.  It was just three couples with food, fireworks, and fun.  No big party scene, but we had a good time!  For some reason I couldn’t really get any good shots outside; my camera just wasn’t cooperating on a bunch of different settings I tried.  Perhaps it was due to rain, humidity, and smoke in the air.

Here I am just as we were walking out the door with hat in tow because I knew we’d be outside and the weather was super yucky.


Our hosts provided all of the food and drinks, which was really nice.  I wanted to make something, but after running around all afternoon I ran out of time.  Here is a look at the eats.


Creole gumbo with chicken, sausage, and shrimp


Finger sandwiches, fruit tray, and veggie tray


Spinach and artichoke dip


And I made some frozen margaritas.

DSC01493DSC01498 DSC01499

Yeah, so that didn’t work.   I was hoping for at least one good one, but last night was not the night for pictures.


We had a few fireworks and rockets to shoot, but the real show was around the corner at midnight watched from afar.

We headed home shortly after midnight; needless to say I slept late today.  I started off my first day of 2011 with a  bowl of creamy oatmeal and coffee.


To make the oatmeal, I mixed the following in a saucepan and whipped for five minutes or so on medium low heat with a fork:

~1/3 c each of old fashioned oats, low fat milk, water

~1 mashed banana

~vanilla, cinnamon, dash of salt

Topped with:



~peanut butter

DSC01507 DSC01512 DSC01503

Lunch was an easy spaghetti bowl with whole wheat spaghetti from fridge, spinach, and french onion light laughing cow wedge all mixed up after heating in the microwave.

DSC01514 DSC01513

Plus some honey greek yogurt since I was still hungry.


And more coffee because I was coooollldddd…the weather changed drastically over the day after all the rain we’ve had the past two days.


I’ve been waiting for mom’s traditional New Year dinner all day long.  She texted that it was ready and I headed over to pick up some food for the husband and me to enjoy at home.


She sent me home with homemade-never-canned-in-this-family black eye peas and rice for luck; cabbage, rice, ground beef, cheesy, tomato casserole for money; rolls; and fruit with dip.


The food was delicious, Mom!  I always look forward to your cooking.  Thank you!

I’m about to have some of the fruit with sweet cheesecake dip as I watch the ever so sad and make me ball my eyes out “The Green Mile.” 

Additionally, I am still working on a list of New Year’s Resolutions in my head.  I should get to sharing them with you all tomorrow.  Do you set New Year’s Resolutions?  What goals are you setting for 2011?

If you need to gain some insight into setting your resolutions, here are some blogs I found helpful.

*Assessing Your All Around Well-Being 

*How to Make Resolutions You Can Keep

*10 Tips for Making New Year’s Resolutions


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2010

  1. Such lovely pics and delicious eats!
    Gumbo makes me remember a Top Chef episode when they had a “football challenge” – chefs from other seasons were competing against them, and one of the girls (I forgot her name) did a 20-minute gumbo. It looked pretty incredible!
    Happy New Year, girl 🙂

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