Round 2 Recipe—What to Do with the Leftover Christmas Ham

Breakfast Oats and CoffeeDSC01426 DSC01428 DSC01429 DSC01430DSC01432

Mom and I headed to the gym to get our swole on.  I started with 16 minutes on the elliptical.  Next was about thirty minutes of full body weights on the machines.  I finished up with 11 minutes on the stairclimber and some stretching.

Before Mom and I could shop, we filled our bellies in at the food court of Esplanade Mall.  Mall lunch included a Subway veggie club with american cheese and mustard and Baked Lay’s for me and Sbarro’s baked ziti for Mom.

sub   After sales and shopping to use up my gift cards, we headed to my sister’s house and brought over three cafe’ au laits from the famous Cafe Du Monde:  Home of the Beignet.  We brought over some beignets for the nephew, but he wasn’t happy with the powdered sugar getting all over his clothes.DSC01437

DSC01435 Jett’s beignet with most of the powdered sugar dusted off.

After a day of shopping and a visit to my sister, I found the Christmas ham still in her fridge.  So I told her I would take it home and cook something up or freeze it for future use.  I decided to whip up some ham fried rice for tonight’s supper after Mom suggested it. DSC01438

I began by sautéing a bell pepper, onion, and carrots in olive oil.  Next I added two cups of the cubed ham. DSC01440 DSC01441


Then I added 5 scrambled eggs to the center of the pot. Once the eggs were cooked through I added about 3 cups cooked rice and 10 or so splashes of soy sauce with salt and pepper to taste.  Once mixed and heated dinner was ready for eatin’!DSC01443 DSC01445 DSC01444 DSC01447

I still have three thick slices of ham left that I wrapped and stuck in the freezer for some soup or beans or some other concoction. 

And some miniature taffy candies the husband received from a coworker also made there way into my belly.  They taste just like Roman Candy, a holiday treat that was always purchased from the street vendor cart when I was little whenever we came across one.

Do you have any Round 2 Recipes that I might try to use up some of my ham?  Feel free to share a link.


2 thoughts on “Round 2 Recipe—What to Do with the Leftover Christmas Ham

    • Yes! Turkey would work just as well. My only suggestions are use nonstick pot so eggs don’t stick and make sure you build an opening in center by pushing all the veggie mixture aside to pour eggs in so that they can cook. Or you may want to scramble the eggs in a separate pan altogether, then add them in. Oh and under cook your rice slightly because adding it back in made my rice a little mushy, but still tasty nonetheless. My husband loved it though!

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