Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Happy Turkey Day!

I have so much to be thankful for:

~I thank the Lord for giving me life free of too many complications. 

~I am thankful for my family–especially the miracle baby, my nephew, who brings joy to the hearts of so many.

~I am thankful that I have live in a country given the freedom to say what I want.

~I am thankful to spend this day with far too much food than any family needs, but we are blessed.

And for a sneak peek of what I’ll be eating today:

DSC00661 DSC00664 DSC00652

That’s what I was busily working on til midnight last night.  But that is okay, I am up and at it.  Just got home from a two mile jog/walk at the park.  Thankfully, my body can do that. 😉

Gonna head to my sister’s house today for family time, food time, and football time.  Go SAINTS!! Who Dat!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!! 🙂


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