Carb Overload

Normally, if given the choice between a big slice of chocolate cake or salty potato chips, I would always choose the chips.  But lately, my sweet tooth has been running ramped;  I cannot get enough sweets.

It started shortly after the first grade multicultural/Thanksgiving feast on Thursday where I loaded my plate up with carbs due to lack of other choices offered.


Turkey and Cranberry, Spring Roll, Rice, Rice, and More Rice—the only veggies I saw offered were peas so I piled some on. 🙂

I had a meeting after work Thursday and came home to dinner prepared by Chris—more CARBS.  I made a side salad to add some veggies.

DSC00545 DSC00549

He made a tasty pasta dish using whole wheat pasta, smoked sausage, miniature frozen scallops, chives from the garden, white wine, lemon juice, olive oil, spices, and parmesan sprinkled on top.  It was delicious and I appreciate him cooking dinner; now that he has switched to the day shift I hope he can do this from time to time.  It is a big help on the days I work late.

Simple side salad with balsamic vinaigrette…


Since Chris told me he was fixing dinner and he asked me to stop to get Parmesan cheese, I decided to surprise him with dessert.


He stole his turtle before I could snap the picture.  And here’s mine.


I knew should have only chose one—turtles OR petit fours, not both because after eating my turtle I wanted the petit four too!


Why not splurge now and then!?!  The husband felt the need to pick up my camera and take pictures of me devouring my petit four.

 DSC00562 DSC00563

Ok, that’s enough already…. is what I am saying without actually saying it.

And since this day, my sweet tooth continued.  So Friday I baked some brownie bites using a brownie boxed mix combined with a can of pumpkin and two tablespoons of cocoa powder to get some super moist cookie sized brownies that look like something my dog you may not want to eat.  But they are super moist, sweet, choclatey, and addictive.


After eating them Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday I decided to throw the rest away today.  Though they were super tasty, I do not need to eat the whole box.  And I had to force Chris to try it; he agreed they tasted great but did not look appetizing.

For the record, I do not fear carbohydrates like so many people on the no-carb diet.  I understand that carbohydrates are needed by the body for energy and cannot cause weight gain.  Additionally I know that I should be consuming the more complex carbs rather than simple.  But either way, it is the calorie overload that causes weight gain, not carb overload.  I did have mopre of those simple carbs this weekend, but I know I can soon get back on the right track to healthy eating.

Here are today’s eats.

Still sweet, but better for me oatmeal.


In the mixture:

~1/4 c each of oats, water, lowfat milk

~mashed small banana

~generous sprinkling of cinnamon

~quick dash of nutmeg

~2 tbsp canned pumpkin stirred in at end

~1 tsp peanut butter

~small handful of granola

Lunch included a sliced kiwi, greek olive hummus on whole wheat toast, and roasted acorn squash.

DSC00601 DSC00608 DSC00606 DSC00605

I finally made it to the gym after a week off.  Well actually I did do 30 minutes of cardio and weights on Friday, but I went today as well.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by 20 minutes on the bike.  I ended my workout session with 5 minutes of stretching. 

I stopped to browse at TJ Maxx and left with some goodies.


White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee, Kona Coffee, German Honey, another jar of Seedless Black Raspberry Preserves, and Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil Pasta Sauce

I had to try out the German Honey on some Greek Yogurt right when I got home.  The last time a lady recommended the preserves, she also told me about the German Honey.


She said it was nothing like American honey, but honestly I could not taste the difference.

Dinner tonight came together quickly once the lean ground beef was defrosted.  Tacos were made and devoured along with some corn.


I was all out of lettuce, and it wasn’t quite the same without, but it was still delish.  I added some chopped avocado, tomatoes, reduced fat colby jack cheese, light sour cream, and taco sauce to my beef tacos.  The corn was eaten with Brummel & Brown yogurt spread and salt.  Chris made his plate after me and he mixed it all into a taco bowl; I wish I would have thought of that—bummer!!

As for some of my other eats this weekend….


The highlight of my weekend was going to the Saints vs. Seahawks game on Sunday.  I had a spicy bloody mary with some white beans and chicken sausage, with a breadstick.  After half time I had a cinnamon pretzel.  I think my choices were better than say…nachos and chicken tenders which would have been first choice in my past.DSC00595

Mom, Chris, and I had a blast at the game and what made it better—the WIN!! Who Dat!

Are there any foods you fear eating?


5 thoughts on “Carb Overload

  1. I fear herb garnish! Whenever I go out to eat I always try to ask for my dish without garnish because I don’t think the herbs really add any flavor, they just have a weird texture on my tongue and I hate getting it stuck in my teeth.

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