No Chore Monday

Yesterday when my husband got home from work he found me sluggishly laying on the couch.  I think I am getting sick once again.  It never fails; each year I get sick three or four times per year working with children.  My throat started bothering me on Sunday night and I am not yet feeling better.  Due to my not feeling well, when Chris got home he said, “Since Monday is so tiring from the weekend, why don’t we just relax and have No Chore Monday,”  meaning no dishes, clothes, cooking, etc.  Though I fully appreciate that and think it may have also been due to the fact that he was feeling tired and did not care to do anything, I am not sure I can go with “No Chore Monday.”  I did last night because I was not feeling well, but hopefully normalcy will soon resume. 

On an added note, last week hub switched from the evening shift to the day shift so he now gets home around 3:30-4:00 p.m. as opposed to 10:00 p.m.  So last week he got to see what all I do once I get home from work, grocery shopping, and/or the gym.  I guess he realizes all that I do in the evening and felt bad since I was not feeling my best.

Yesterday morning I slept in so I opted for a quick breakfast of Kashi Island Vanilla Wheat Puffs, sliced banana, and lowfat milk with some hot chai tea on the side hoping to soothe my sore throat.

DSC00473 DSC00477

Chris made my sandwich for Monday lunch on Sunday night.  He made turkey and laughing cow light mozzarella and sun dried tomato and basil cheese wedge on whole wheat bread.  On Monday morning I added some romaine and tomato slices.


I had some Triple Berry Torte yogurt on the side for some added sweetness.  Initially I did not like that flavored laughing cow cheese, but my sandwich was cold and satisfying at lunch time.

After work I wasn’t feeling up to par as stated earlier, so I had a snack and then lounged on the sofa watching Oprah and Food Network. My snack included Bosc pear slices and Peanut Butter and Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter.


Chocolate Peanut Butter for Dipping~Yum!

For dinner, Chris suggested sushi from the Cherry Blossom at the corner.  All I wanted was some comfort for my throat so I chose the tempura udon soup.  It came with two tempura shrimp and tempura sweet potato, broccoli, and zucchini.


I ate one of the shrimp, all of the veggies which I actually thought would be in the soup, and about 2/3 of the soup. 

DSC00491 DSC00496

The Japanese noodles were so thick and chewy I really enjoyed the texture though they were a bit difficult to pick up with a spoon so I had to alternate between the spoon for the hot, salty broth and chopsticks for the onion and noodles mixture.  The soup/tempura combo was filling and soothed my throat for a short while.  Hub enjoyed the soup as well and said it would definitely be on his order if he felt like having soup at some point in the future.

After dinner and a bath I got in my pjs (t-shirt and shorts), took some meds, and climbed right back on the sofa to call it a night.

At the moment I am home from work today.  I requested a substitute yesterday because we are having all of our cable, phone, and Internet services switched to a new company and my husband scheduled them to set it up today.  Since he just started a new position, he did not want to miss work and have about 40 sick days accumulated so I told him I would miss.  As it turns out I am actually sick and not just playing hooky though I would likely have been at work today if I hadn’t needed to be home for the cable guy. 🙂

This morning I tidied up a bit since I went with “No Chore Monday” then had some pumpkin oats with pumpkin spice coffee.

DSC00499 DSC00500

Old Fashioned Oats were cooked on the stovetop including the following in the mix:

~1/3 c oats

~1/3 c water

~1/3 c lowfat milk

~pinch of salt

~mashed banana

~generous sprinkling of cinnamon

~dash of ginger and nutmeg

~1/4 c pumpkin, canned (stirred in at end)

~cinnamon almonds for topping

Now I’m sitting at the table waiting for the two cable guys to be done.  It looks like this could take a while because so far my cables are bad and the cable guy said he has to do some rewiring, uuugghhh!  So I may do some dishes, clothes, read since my TVs and Internet are currently out of service, and drink coffee or tea for the throat of course!

Do you have any home remedies for healing sore throats? 


3 thoughts on “No Chore Monday

  1. I don’t have any home remedies but when I had bronchitis a few weeks ago I never would have survived without Chloraseptic spray and my humidifier! Hope you feel better soon!

    P.S. I think it would physically kill me to go a whole day without doing chores around the house!

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