Personality Symbol Test

On Saturday I talked about the personality symbol test.  Out of square, circle, rectangle, triangle, and zig zag; I’ve always considered myself the triangle.  Here are the descriptions of each:

Organized and a hard worker, you like structure and rules and dislike situations in which you don’t know what’s expected of you. "Tell me the deadlines and I’ll get the job done," you say — and you deliver. You prefer working alone to teamwork. Logical, you think sequentially — A, B, C, D. You collect loads of data and file it so information is easy to locate. But you have trouble saying, "I’ve got enough information," and making a decision.

You are a seeker and an explorer, searching for ways in which you want to grow and change. You ask: who am I? what is the world about? You are the most receptive of the five shapes to new learning. You are the only shape that’s not frozen, and you cause your co-workers confusion when you change from day to day. All people go through rectangular periods when they’re in a state of change.

Triangle: A leader, you are decisive and able to focus on the goal. You have confidence in yourself and in your opinions, and you don’t hesitate to tell everyone else the way the world is. You can be dogmatic and shoot from the hip. You like recognition and are delighted to tell people about your accomplishments. You can be self-centered and egotistical. You put stock in status symbols. American business has been run by triangles, and this shape is most characteristic of men.

Circle: You are a people person, the shape with the most empathy, perception and consideration for the feelings of others. You listen and communicate well. You read people and can spot a phony right off. You like harmony and have your greatest difficulties in dealing with conflict and making unpopular decisions. You are easily swayed by other people’s feelings and opinions. You can be an effective manager in an egalitarian workplace, but have difficulty in political environments with a strong hierarchy. If you’re a woman, even if you’re not a circle, some circle traits have been conditioned into you.

Zig-Zag: You are creative, a "what if" person who’s always thinking of new ways to do something. Your mind never stops and you do cognitive leaps — from A straight to F. You see the forest and miss the trees. You don’t like highly structured environments. You don’t tolerate the mundane well and have a short attention span. If you don’t get excitement at work, you’ll cause it elsewhere in your life.


I agree with the fact that I am a leader, not a follower and am confident in my ability to teach my students, but egotistical and self-centered do not suit my personality in my opinion. 

As for my daily meals, I did not do a very good job of capturing eats today.  Breakfast began with PB and Banana Sammie with some hot chai.


Quickly Made Sandwich

Snack included half of a KIND Bar and some coffee.

Lunch was at a local po’boy sandwich shop near my work.  Today was staff development day, so we were given an hour lunch and able to get out for a short time.  I ordered the grilled chicken Caesar salad and only ate half. I may have the rest on Wednesday when I return from my day off tomorrow.

Some teachers also threw a third grader teacher a bridal shower.  She was showered with gifts.  We also had cake and ice cream sundaes with chocolate, whip cream, nuts, and strawberry sauce. 

After work I went to my sister’s house to visit and eat dinner—white beans and rice!


Dinner was so delicious.  My two year old nephew kept coming back to me for more; they were that good!

I may or may not have had more cake and ice cream at some point in this day along with too much Halloween candy. ;)  My sweet tooth was raging today.  I’ve heard the more sugars one eats, the more he or she craves it.  I definitely got a taste of that today. 

Tomorrow should be a healthier day.  I have off for election day so I have plenty of time for cooking and exercising.

After reading the descriptors above, which shape do you think best describes you?  I think everyone is a combination of sorts.


3 thoughts on “Personality Symbol Test

  1. I had picked the Zig Zag but it definitely does not describe me. I love the mundane and actually crave structure and organization.

    I’ll agree with you about how eating sugar makes you crave sugar! Damn Halloween 😉

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