Spur of the Moment Birthday Bash

On Thursday October 21st, my 10 month older sister, Michelle, celebrated her 29th Birthday.  Yes, we have been 28 together since I turned 28 in August.  When we were little people would ask how old we were and if it happened to fall between August and October we would chime the exact same number in response to their questions.  The response was always, “Oh, you’re twins!”  Nope, we sure are not.  My parents wasted no time as you can see.  We are technically 9 months and 20 days apart.  I was born a month prematurely though.  My poor mother was pregnant for practically 18 months straight and she claims it would have been easier just to have twins. 

So in honor of Michelle’s birthday, on a whim at about 1:00 pm on Thursday her husband decided to plan a birthday party for Thursday night.  Being such a spur of the moment party, it turned out quite nicely and quite a few people made it to the party.


Here is Michelle with her son, Jett.


Chocolate Cake with Strawberries Made by Family Friend


Michelle with her Newborn, Breelyn


Some Friends

Michelle’s husband, Duke, ordered the food. 


Pastalaya (Jambalaya with pasta instead of rice)


Ham and Turkey Finger Sandwiches—I ate way too many of these, but skipped the cake.


Fried Chicken Drummettes


My plate + many, many more sammies

Oh and there was this crazy lady who I don’t really know.


Go older lady bustin splits!  I couldn’t do that.  

I wish I would have gotten more pics of the guests, but I didn’t want to be the crazy obsessed woman aggravating people with snapping their pictures.  Besides, I did take some pictures with my sister’s camera as well.  It turned out to be a fun week day party, which my family very rarely does during the week. 

I like the week night events because it definitely breaks up the monotonous work week.  My only problem was the day after on Friday I was so exhausted and the work day went by incredibly slow.  I went straight home Friday and crashed on the couch after stopping at Academy Sports and Outdoors for a couple of workout items to prepare for my first 5K.  More on that tomorrow!  Now I’m going to ice down my hip and enjoy some of the beautiful weather.  I hope you have a great weekend! 


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