Winning Cherry Bells

I am not actually speaking of food when I say Cherry Bells.  But I did find a Cherry Bell Recipe you might find enjoyable.  I am referring to these kinds of Cherry Bells.


Yesterday evening, after a long day including a great workout with Mom and  a winning Saint’s game (Who Dat!!) Mom and I decided to go to a fair being held at my local elementary school.  Each October, they hold the annual Cochon de Lait (translated as pig in milk or suckling pig) where on Saturday Night they have a real pig roast and dinners are sold the following day.  The main purpose of the fair is as a fundraiser for the parochial (private Catholic) school.  They sell all kinds of fair foods, have game booths, and rides.  Additionally, a band plays each night for adult entertainment, though the kids enjoy it also. 

Mom and I started with some grub.  I ordered some jambalaya, seafood pasta and Mom got the pork po’boy. 


I enjoyed the pasta more, but did not finish it all.  The jambalaya was a bit salty, but I ate all of the rice and left some of the meat including whole pieces of bacon and sausage.  I have never had bacon in jambalaya before; and it was not a welcomed addition in my opinion plus it was undercooked.  If I  am going to eat bacon it at least needs to be crispy.  I also prefer more of a Creole, red jambalaya opposed to a Cajun, brown jambalaya which they served.  After finishing our dinner, we found a spot near the stage to listen and dance to the local band called the Topcats.


They put on quite the entertaining show playing songs from the 80s like Bon Jovi’s “Shot Through the Heart” and music from the 21st century including Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” 



After listening to the band for a while, we headed over to the Cherry Bells Booth.  I put up $2 and Mom $5 for seven tickets.  We won $8 dollars from the seven cherry bells so we traded them in.  We then won $10 from the eight.  And then Mom split the ten cards evenly.  On my third card, I think I’ve never screamed and been more excited/shocked in my life.  I hit the big one.  FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!


So I was led to a secret back room in the school rectory (church office) and given my money.  We headed back to the band for a little while longer before heading home.

Seriously, I have been on a lucky streak.  I also one $25 yesterday from the Saint’s pool I am on with my coworkers.  That was my fourth time winning the pool and out of 100 squares, you would think I wouldn’t be so lucky. 

As for today, I started with peanut butter and plum on a whole wheat English muffin sprinkled with cinnamon.



Plus a side of Mango Black Tea.


Lunch included a turkey wrap with baby spinach and smoked creole mustard.


With a Yoplait Strawberry Greek Yogurt and a Banana.  I prefer Fage or Chobani over this greek yogurt.  It was more like regular yogurt with the pink and strawberry pieces distributed throughout.

After work I had a babybel cheese round on my way to the gym.


Before starting my cardio, I grabbed a Tropical Sunrise Smoothie at the Cafe.  It was made with Orange Juice, Pineapple, milk powder, and protein powder.  It was cold and refreshing.

My cardio included thirty minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the bike, and ten minutes of stretching and abs floor work.

Finally arriving home, I heated up some braised cabbage from the freezer and  cooked some brown rice. 


Braised Cabbage + Pickle Meat—it looks quite mushy, but it was very tasty.

I added corn from the fridge to my bowl of rice and cabbage.  I left all but one small piece of pickle meat for the Hub.


I also ate some leftover rotisserie chicken on the side.


Most of this went to the dogs.  I ate my fair share as I was picking the bones waiting for the rice and cabbage to be ready.  I ate one wing and about half of a breast plus a few bites of dark meat.

I’m off to enjoy a few mini peanut butter cup chocolates Mom got me from Trader Joe’s in her first round of goodies from Chicago.

Question of the Night:  Have you had any good luck lately?  How so?


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