Peanut, Peanut Butter, & Jelly & Jelly

Yes, it is lame I know, but my brain can’t think right now.  Today has been a long day without fruits and vegetables until dinner so my eats are not very colorful; nonetheless, they did serve the purpose.

Breakfast was cold cinnamon raison granola and Kashi Island Vanilla Puffs with some cinnamon almonds and low fat milk.


It does not look like that much, but I had 1/3 c granola, 10 puffs, and 10 almonds, plus 2/3 c milk, but that is plenty enough calories, fats, proteins, and carbs for a sustaining breakfast.

I had some chai on side.


Lunch was just as plain—peanut butter and grape jelly on whole wheat with a side of Fage Greek yogurt with honey (my fave greek yogurt by the way).

DSC01888 Sometimes peanut butter and jelly just really hits the spot.  Again not much, but lots of protein, heart-healthy fats, and whole grains.

After work today, I made my way to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike.  My protein packed lunch kept me full until I was leaving the gym around 5:30.  So I texted the hub to see if he wanted Chinese or a homemade meal from Come Back Inn.  He chose Chinese of course. 

Beef and Broccoli for hub and mixed veggies for me.


Thankful for veggies in my life.  I also had some egg drop soup (which was overly salty, but I managed to consume it all anyway).



With crispy wontons that I ate the majority of on the way home and topped the rest on my soup. 

I also had two fortune cookies.  One had some meaning to it–“Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient!”

I may have some type of sweet snack before the night ends; perhaps my last pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, but I haven’t decided yet.  Now I’m off to do laundry and watch Grey’s Anatomy—my husband got me hooked on this show, but I have not watched it in quite some time.  Are there any other Grey’s fans out there?


4 thoughts on “Peanut, Peanut Butter, & Jelly & Jelly

  1. Hey girl, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I really enjoy it. I love that you post all your recipes! I definitely want to try some of them. Keep up the good work!

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