“If It Came From A Plant, Eat It; If It Was Made In A Plant, Don’t”

And that is exactly what I did for dinner–less a few ingredients.  My sister shared that quote she heard on Dr. Oz today while I visited this evening.  I like the message.  Eat natural plant based foods; stay away from the processed ones.  I try my best with that, but of course I am only human and sometimes my brain, mouth, and stomach say otherwise.   

Onto today’s breakfast which was an unoriginal wrap of ripened banana slices, natural peanut butter, and cinnamon. I had a warm mug of chai tea on  the side.

9-21-10 001 9-21-10 002

  9-21-10 003

Away from my regularly scheduled school day, I was assigned to attend an in-service where lunch was provided.  I ate a chicken salad sandwich on wheat with lettuce and tomato.  For some side snacks, I had the bag of Cheetos, two bites of the cookie and pitched the rest because it tasted bad.  My principal who also attended mentioned the cookie tasted as though it were made with oil that was used in cooking seafood.  Yuck, I sure hope that wasn’t the case!  I saved the apple that was included and later shared that with my 2 year old nephew.  During break I enjoyed two Russell Stover’s sugar free chocolates—one with coconut and one toffee; they tasted divine.

At my sister’s house the apple just did not cut it.  So she provided me with this convenient snackage which I defrosted from frozen for 25 seconds in the microwave because I wasn’t waiting thirty minutes by letting it sit out as suggested on the package.

9-21-10 004 9-21-10 005

I wonder if these are made in wheat.  They are just so convenient to grab and go if running late though it would likely be more cost efficient to just make my own.  After visiting for three hours or so, I said my farewells and headed home to cook dinner.

I have been meaning to make this meal for over a week and a half now, but continuously brushed it off opting for something else.  Mom made this many days when I was growing up.  And on those days when she told me that she fixed it for dinner I would cringe with disgust because it was not what I wanted.  I had much preferred a greasy cheeseburger and fries from down the street.  But as I look back and now enjoy it as an adult, it is a healthy, delicious, easy meal to cook.

Mom’s Green Beans and Potatoes with Pickle Meat

Begin with a few ingredients.

9-21-10 006

The cream cheese and cauliflower was for a side dish of creamed cauliflower.

9-21-10 007

Sauté diced onion in a teaspoon of olive oil.

9-21-10 008

Add pickled pork and brown.

9-21-10 009

Stir in canned tomatoes and cook for two minutes more.  Then add green beans, potatoes, salt and pepper to taste.

9-21-10 010

Cover and simmer for thirty minutes until beans and potatoes are tender.

9-21-10 011

Voila! Dinner is cooked.  Serve over brown rice or orzo pasta if desired.  I chose not to, but served creamed cauliflower on the side instead. 

For that, I steamed the cauliflower according to package directions.  I then added salt and pepper, 2 tablespoons of 1/3 less fat chive and onion cream cheese, a tablespoon of fat free half & half, and cut a few small slices of cheddar cheese (along with a chunk for eating on the spot) for some added goodness.  Using a potato masher, I mashed and mixed the cauliflower until a desired consistency was reached.

9-21-10 012

Mom’s Green Beans and Potatoes with Pickle Meat

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 onion, diced

1 lb. pickled pork or ham, cut into cubes

1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes

1 baking potato, chopped (peeled if desired—not me)

1 lb. green beans, fresh, stemmed tips removed (I don’t know for sure how much I used; just a guess)

Salt and pepper

Directions: Heat oil in pot over medium heat.  Add onions and sauté until tender.  Next, add pickled pork and brown.  Stir in tomatoes and heat for two minutes longer.  Add green beans, potato, and salt and pepper to taste.  Cover and cook over medium low for thirty minutes or until veggies are tender stirring occasionally.  Serve over brown rice or orzo pasta; or just enjoy as is!

9-21-10 013

9-21-10 015

9-21-10 014

I do not know if pickled pork (aka pickle meat) is a southern thing, but I have heard people mention they are unaware of its existence.  Mom has always added pickle meat to red beans and to this dish.  Pickle meat is pork that has been pre-seasoned with salt and other seasonings and adds a nice flavor to the dishes.  According to the package it is 80 calories for 2.5 ounces and has 3 grams of fat per serving.  The salt content is high, so be careful adding additional salt when cooking with it.

Question of the Night:  What is one dish that you turned your nose to as a child, but now appreciate its flavors?  Oh, and have you had pickle meat?


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