The Inspiration

Not that it matters, but I thought I would share why I read blogs and why I found myself wanting to start my own blog. 

For starters, I began reading one blog which I found through, the online database I previously used to keep track of all my food intake and exercise habits.  I hadn’t  known such blogs existed, but was excited to stumble upon one.

I didn’t read A Healthy Slice of Life to judge Brittany or what she did or did not eat.  I became fascinated with how she conjured up healthy meals and snacks.  I enjoyed reading how she balanced health and exercise and learning about the odds and ends of her day to day life with the added humor and personality that shines through in her pictures and writings.    Through her blog, I then became a “fan” so to speak of other blogs as well.  Really, I had no clue there was an entire community of healthy living bloggers out there in the world of the web.

I didn’t become a fan of these bloggers because I idolize every morsel of food that they eat or refrain from eating; nor was it the fact that I became envious that they can run and bike and perform crazy yoga stances.  Though I do wish I could do those things, perhaps not to the same extent.

I read for the inspiration.  They inspire me to eat healthy.  They inspire me to be more active.  They inspire me to cook with real foods that I would have never known about prior or attempted to try on my own.  They inspire me to seek out new adventures and goals.  They inspire me to live life and enjoy life by living “MY” best life.

So after a couple of months of reading the five blogs I still follow daily and a few others here and there, I thought to myself, “this would be a fun hobby to take photos, to write, to share recipes, to review restaurants, to capture my attempts to live a healthified life”—whatever that may be for me at this time.  So my blog is just that, my life and how I aspire to be healthy.  If ever anything is shared, it is merely what I have experienced and found to work for me.  I am certainly not a nutritionist, but from my own research and endless reading of health related articles I have learned a thing or two.  Additionally, it is an added bonus that there are people around the country to interact with, get advice or suggestions from, and support each others’ triumphs and trials.

On a closing note, I leave you with this song from one of my favorite Christian rock bands.


Question of the Night:  Why do you read food blogs or healthy living blogs?


2 thoughts on “The Inspiration

  1. I actually think the first blogs I read were review blogs like and Somehow that evolved into reading health blogs and, I agree with you, it was much for inspiration. Back then, I was struggling with trying to gain weight and gain a healthy relationship with food..and I loved how those bloggers had that kind of carefree relationship with it. They didn’t count calories or excercise excessively..and they were happy. That really helped me 🙂 It took about a year for me to finally start one of my own. I had always wanted to but kept stopping myself because I thought my day was too boring for a blog. I’ll admit, some days are way more interesting than others..but blogging’s helped me find the best in every day no matter how big or small it is. I never thought it’d become such a huge part of my life- but it’s incredible and I love every bit of it. 🙂

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