Happy 57th Birthday

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile.  Let’s track back to Thursday; shall we.  On Thursday Mom celebrated her …..

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Mom

For dinner on Thursday we went to Mr. Ed’s.  I had only been there once before which I actually enjoyed the first time, but tonight the restaurant was having an off night.  I do not know if they had a new chef, were short staffed, running low on ingredients, or had they wanted to get us in and out without taking note of how our food was being cooked.

I started with a side salad with house made Italian on the side.  I usually request a low fat or fat free dressing, but they make their’s in-house so they do not have those offerings.  Instead of pouring the entire cup of dressing on the salad, I used the “dip fork in dressing, then salad” method. So I still got the taste of the dressing, but with out consuming all of the oily marinade.  For my meal I chose grilled red snapper which came with roasted new potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Grilled Red Snapper

It came with a lemon butter sauce which I used the same method as with the salad, but not on every bite.  Although every bite could have used it.  The food was not very well cooked tonight.  My snapper was overcooked and dry, my veggies were undercooked, and my broccoli, in particular, had a taste such that it was left in the freezer not well sealed or a bit too long–also known as “freezer-burnt.”  Sister’s grilled shrimp were undercooked, so much so that when she took a bite and got through the outer layer it was so mushy had to spit it out only to find the grey raw shrimp color.  That equals not cool!  Brother-in-law eats there all of the time and is friend’s with the owner, but he even stated his Bar-B-Q chicken was dry.  What a disappointing meal!

Now I did go with a lighter meal because I knew we had dessert to come.  I bought a red velvet cake earlier in the day, but that went uneaten (Mom took it to work Friday to share with her coworkers) due to the complimentary desserts the waitresses brought out because of Sister’s raw shrimp and Mom’s birthday.

"Happy Birthday to You" + Desserts with Candles

The highlight of the night included Bananas Foster Pie, Lemon Icebox Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Mousse Cake–all made in-house.

The dessert was the best part of the evening aside from the company.  I had a taste of each.

Brother-in-Law thought it would be funny to play a joke on Mom as he does always try to do.  Take a look at him, I can’t even get a straight picture.

Meet Duke of The Duke Academy–He is a personal trainer for athletes around the country as well as local children and adults.

So Duke thought it would be comical to tell the waitress Mom was turning 57.  And it was quite a funny joke when the waitress brought out the plate stating “Happy 57th Birthday!”

Now does she look 57?

Well she is not!!  Mom turned …..-…. today!  What is the saying…A lady never tells….

So all in all it was a fun night due to the people who were in it.  My sis just had a baby two weeks ago and preferred going unpictured. But here is her first child, my cutie pie nephew.

Nat, another trainer at The Duke Academy also joined us.

Unfortunately my hubby had work so he couldn’t make it. 😦

Here are the rest of Thursday’s eats in pictures.

Peanut Butter, Apple, and Cinnamon Wrap + Hot Tea

Turkey, Laughing Cow Light, and Spinach Sammie + Veggies + Pistachios

Sammie Close Up

Spoon of This Sweet Stuff

Now go ahead!  Take a guess!  How old does Mom look?


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