Dazed and Confused

It was definitely difficult to wake up this morning due to my Sudafed Nighttime Cold Medicine.  Needless to say, I overslept by about thirty minutes, but still had time to get in some breakfast.  I had a satisfying peanut butter and grape preserve sandwich on a deli flat and a sliced orange (hoping some vitamins will help my immune system in kicking this cold).

Orange + Hot Green Mango Tea A.K.A. Foods to Fight the Cold

I took a Daytime Sudafed for Severe Cold before heading to work, and I do not recommend them when operating a vehicle.  My whole drive to work was dazed and confused and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure how I got there.  I almost felt like I had a bit too much to drink and only hoped I wasn’t swerving in and out of lanes.  Luckily, I made it to work safely and on time.  After I got moving around the classroom, my daze seemed to fade away.  A couple hours later I felt some hunger pangs chirping in my stomach.  Thankfully, lunch time was near.

Scrumptious Salad--Pork Pieces Heated and Topped Just Before Consumption

My salad was just the right lunch to quench my hunger.  It contained romaine, carrots, squash, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, pork tenderloins that the hub cooked up to add to his veggie soup last night (he’s certainly a meat eater), and 2 tbsp. of light raspberry vinaigrette.  I also ate a 1/4 cup of Kashi Mountain Medley Granola for some “dessert.”

On my way to a meeting after work I ate some satiating peanuts.  A handful of peanuts truly gives me that energy boost and leaves me with a feeling of fullness from the healthy fats, so a handful of nuts is a great snack.  Be advised that peanuts or any nuts should be eaten in moderation because they do have a high caloric value.  So purchase portioned bags or portion them out from the larger containers if your hand has trouble sealing the lid once you have had a fair portion–generally an ounce for nuts.

The original title of this post was intended to be “Sick of the Cold–Exercise or Don’t.”  But when I got home from my meeting tonight, I happened to look at the blog of fellow blogger, Julie, at PBFingers.  What a coincidence!  She completely stole my idea! [Kidding] 😉  I even looked up some information earlier today on the computer just before lunch regarding whether or not one should work out when sick. I found the same information about “above the neck, below the neck” symptoms that she stated.  Ultimately I decided to forego my original post idea, since you can easily take a look at hers.  Regarding my own decision on working out tonight, I feel I need to get some rest and let my body take a break.  1.) My hip is agitated and I am taking some time off.  2.) My head feels congested like it may explode at any second.  And from what I gathered, one cannot sweat out his or her cold.  The key is rest, hydrate, and eat.  So that’s it!  I’m off to hydrate, figure out what I can take out of the freezer for dinner, and catch up on some much needed rest and maybe watch some t.v. (since I started the blog I hardly ever watch t.v. anymore).  Good night!

Question of the Night: What is your favorite on-the-go snack?


2 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused

    • Thank you Brittany! I think it’s the germy kids at work. I try to wash my hands when possible, but they borrow my things and I have to touch theirs. It is a breeding ground for germs when working with children, and I get colds and sore throats often. I think it may also be due to the fact that I haven’t really exercised since last week and was hanging in a hospital room with lots of people.

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