Cold….Orange Smoothie

It is that time of year once again where I battle the dreaded cold.  This morning I woke up with an ill feeling coming over me, so I opted for some warm oatmeal and a mug of hot green tea.

My oatmeal bowl contained:

*1/2 cup oats

*1/2 c water


*crumbled Vegan Banana Nut Muffin

*teaspoon of peanut butter

*a few dried cranberries

*honey drizzle

For lunch, I scrounged up some eats from the cabinet and fridge.  I used a can of crabmeat to make a crab salad to enjoy with Triscuit Thin Crips.  On side I had carrots with a dollop of hummus.

My crab salad included light miracle whip, dijonaise, sweet relish, salt, pepper, dried basil, and a squirt of lime juice.  To be honest, it was just okay; although it did serve the purpose of getting me some nutrients.  It certainly was not what I felt like eating.

I also had 2 tootsie rolls that I grabbed out of my candy jar heading to the lounge at work.

Once home from work, I came to the conclusion that I definitely have the onset of a cold.  My nose has sort of a tingling/burning sensation and my head feels a bit unclear.  So, in my attempts to nip this cold in the bud, I scrounged through the bathroom closet in search of a cold remedy.  I found some expired Alka Seltzer Cold Orange Flavored Tablets, but I cannot stomach the taste of them plus they were old (aka expired).  Nonetheless, I decided to give them a go.  But rather than take them with the 4ounces of water as recommended on the packaging, I added them to a 1/2 cup of water to dissolve and then threw them in my smoothie mix.  Hence, a cold orange smoothie was created.  I added about 1/4 cup frozen mango yogurt, half frozen banana, the 1/2 cup water with dissolved tablets, 1/4 tablespoon of vanilla protein powder, and 4 ice cubes.  I also had to add a tad more of water.

It may look pretty, but it was not the best tasting smoothie.  I thought the added ingredients would disguise the saltiness of the orange effervescent tablets, but I was defeated in my efforts.  I drank the smoothie basically for the medicine and I thought the nutrients provided in the yogurt and banana may be beneficial to overcoming my cold.  And I did get to practice my photography skills in the meantime.

About 20 minutes after my smoothie I began feeling really sssllllleeeeeppppppyyyyyyy. 🙂  So I took out some vegetable soup from the freezer (made several months ago, I knew it would come in handy at some point) to defrost on the counter, and laid down and was out within seconds.  I didn’t realize cold tablets had that effect on me.

Once awake from my nap, I heated up the vegetable soup to enjoy with some cheese toast.  Aaaah, finally some comfort in my day!

I do not remember my exact recipe for the soup, but I know it involved bottled vegetable juice, beef chunks, frozen soup vegetables, other frozen veggies, wagon wheel pasta, water, salt and pepper.

For the cheese toast, I broke up a Sargento Reduced Fat Colby Jack Cheese Stick and topped it on whole wheat bread.  It was then toasted in the toaster oven to soon be gobbled up with vegetable tomato broth from my soup.   Any time I have vegetable soup, I always reminisce back to school lunches where grilled cheese sammies are served along side the soup for some necessary dipping.  Rather than recreate the grilled cheese sandwich laden with butter and full fat cheese on white toast, I opted for a simple healthified version of cheese toast, which allows for the same great dippage power and taste.

I went back for seconds on the veggie soup with four crackers too.  Finally, I snacked on half of a sandwich thin with peanut butter, honey drizzle, and cinnamon.

Question of the Night: How do you overcome a cold?  Please share any tips or home remedies you might use.

Interestingly, there were some health myths explained on–The Truth About 12 Health Myths.  A couple of them had to do with fighting a cold.

Off to get some rest.  Good Night! 🙂



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