Pure & Innocent

I’ve been away for the past day and a half spending time with my family.  I mentioned on Thursday that I had some exciting news happening on Friday!  So here it is.  On Friday, September 10 at 1:57 pm, Michelle, my older sister, gave birth to her second child–Breelyn Michelle.  Miche has been having a hard pregnancy just as she did with her first child, Jett; so [per doctors orders] Bree made her debut five and a half weeks early due to some complications.  Currently, at her 3 pound 11 ounce, 17 1/2 inch long stature she is fighting her little heart out in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  My family and I are all grateful that she is now off of oxygen and breathing on her own, sucking milk from a bottle, giving us all a reason to spend time together and cherish her new life that has been brought into this world.  With that, I introduce Breelyn Michelle.

Sister and Husband with Breelyn

My brother-in-law forgot to bring in his camera, so one of the nurses came out to the waiting area to borrow mine.  Using my camera, the nurse was able to capture this moment of her life, at her most purest and innocent state.  Truly, this is such a miraculous occurrence.  For several months a baby grows inside the mother, and then one day unknowingly makes an entrance into the world.   What is in store for this little angel?  What will she grow to look like?

It is amazing how they change.  I say that because my nephew, Jett, was born 8 10 weeks early at 2 pounds, 8 ounces and he completely made a comeback with his fighting strength.  Here he is two and a half years after his birth on the way to meet his baby sister.

Miracle Baby and Love of My Life

He was being shy because of the camera, but I love the picture anyway.

Some may question why both of her babies were born so early at such low birth-weights.  Unfortunately, my sister suffers from Crohn’s Disease, so her body does not absorb nutrients as it should; hence the reasoning behind the low weights of the babies.  She struggles daily with this, but gets through it with the help of medication.  She is a  strong woman who manages quite a bit on her plate working full time, taking care of a soon to be three year old, and now a new baby.  I’ve always looked up to my big sis and admire her still for all that she has accomplished!  🙂


As for my diet the past day, I have not been so innocent.  Friday I ate breakfast at home, but the rest of my eats were at restaurants; so I tried to make the best decisions possible.  Breakfast included a bowl of Kashi Mountain Medley Granola, slow cooked apples with nutmeg and cinnamon, and greek yogurt.

Granola + Hot Green Tea

After meeting my mom and my nephew, we stopped at Chili’s before heading over to the hospital.  I chose the Guiltless Grilled Chicken Sandwich with veggies.

I was satisfied with my meal, but later on found out it was over 600 calories.  I don’t particularly like eating that many calories at one meal, but I sure did enjoy my sandwich.  The chicken was not over cooked or left dried out like I often experience with grilled chicken sandwiches.

Warm Wheat Bun with Moist Grilled Chicken

At the hospital, my nephew did feed me a few of his goldfish crackers and I can’t turn down what he feeds me, since it gives him joy to share.

After several hours at the hospital, seeing Breelyn, and sis for a quick minute, Mom and I took Jett home for a nap.  But before heading home we HAD to make a stop at Tutti Frutti for some fro yo.  I just can’t get enough!

My “cup” included strawberry banana, almond, pistachio, cake batter, and a small taste of tart. On top I had mochi (Japanese Rice Cake) pieces, three cheesecake pieces, mango, kiwi, pineapple, and shredded coconut.  It is really difficult not to fill up that cup.  I try to only put a taste of the yogurt, but by the time I lower and raise the handle it is more than expected.  Maybe I’ll have to set a rule of only trying two flavors at once three flavors at once.  🙂 As Bethenny Frankel says in her book, “You can have it ALL, just not all at once!”  I need to remember that I can always go back and try a different flavor  (but the flavors always change, so I might not be able to). 😦  Uuuuhhhggg, decisions, decisions.

Once to Mom’s house, Mom, Jett, and I all laid down for a nap.  Then we woke up and headed out to grab a bite before heading back to the hospital to spend some time with sis.  We stopped at Piccadilly Cafeteria, much like, well, cafeteria food. I had a cup of black eyed peas, mixed fruit, a small amount of cream of broccoli soup, and a salad from the salad bar.

My Tray

My salad included lettuce, bell pepper, onion, green olives, tomatoes, mushroom, chopped egg, a sprinkle of cheddar, and I was limited on dressings (no light options) so I mixed italian and  a little ranch.  I may or may not have also been fed a few french fries by my nephew.  🙂  Immediately following dinner, we went back to the hospital to visit Miche.

Once home, my hub ordered Chinese take out and I requested a spring roll and also had a few bites of his Lo Mein.  I really didn’t need it, but lack of sleep the night prior left me feeling a bit ravenous.

Spring Roll

Most of my day today was also spent at the hospital visiting for a while with sis and I got to go in the NICU for a couple of minutes to see Breelyn.  She just melts my heart already! 😉

Question of the Day:  How do you make healthy decisions when eating out?  Please share any tips or rules that you follow!  (Pink in honor of the new baby girl.)


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