The Body Clock

Amazingly, I awoke this morning with no dogs indicating the need to go out, nor did I need the blare of the alarm clock’s radio.  I simply woke up on my own at 5:17 am.  Perhaps, it was my anxiousness of having to speak in front of a cafeteria full of parents, students, and faculty this evening at my school’s Open House.  All nerves aside, I continued on with my day (playing the words I wanted to share tonight over and over in my head all day long) and began with a simple pb and banana sammie.  On side I had some iced chai tea, which I brewed this weekend using the coffee pot, with a splash of almond milk and some stevia.

Lunch was thrown together quickly before leaving the house this morning.  I chowed down on a turkey, spinach, dijonaisse on a Flatout whole grain flatbread.  A not completely ripe plum and Sargento Reduced Fat  Colby Jack stick was also noshed on.

Knowing I was going to be at school until after 7:00, I also threw in my favorite thick & creamy Fage Greek Yogurt with Honey cup into my lunch bag for an after school snack.

I live 40 minutes away from my place of employment, so I knew I wouldn’t be going home and returning.  But to break up the monotony of being at work, I did make a trip to Wally World a.k.a. Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for my classroom behavior system–candy for the candy jar and colorful plates for the behavior chart.  I also made a stop at Starbuck’s for a nonfat grande iced chai tea latte.  Try saying that 10 times fast!

And then it was onto Open House and my very short 5 minute speech given to a crowded audience of people.  Isn’t it amazing the way our bodies work!?!  My body knew I would be giving a quick presentation shortly.  So why at that time just before the talk does my body feel the urge to go to the restroom, feel the urge to get some water ASAP, feel the urge to shake nervously, feel the urge to make my mind completely leave me?  Uuugghhhh!  That is such a pain and luckily I do not have to do it often.  Standing, singing, dancing, talking, teaching in front of my 9, 10, 11 year olds doesn’t phase me, but getting in front of the parents is an entirely different story!  Regardless of all of the nerve-wracking issues I was dealing with within my body,  I got through it, albeit probably not the easiest words to understand since my mind kept me in a baffled state.  On a positive note, my principal did say I sounded “educated.”  Thank goodness tonight is over with!

After arriving home, my body was telling me it was time to eat and eat fast.  I’ve been on an “egg in my salad” kick for a couple days now.  There is something fancy, delicate, and special about eggs in a lettuce salad similar to the feeling that evokes within me when I see crunchy iceberg lettuce on a fresh homemade sandwich.  So I attempted to make my first poached egg to put atop a bed of baby spinach, since I knew it takes little to no time to make.  The whole poaching of the egg was a bit of a bust (not that the egg busted); however, I lost most of the white in the water.  Oh well, better luck next time.

In the salad mix of baby spinach, I added the egg, 1/4 of an avocado, a small sprinkling of parmesan, sliced cucumber, and a few raspberries.  I added light balsamic dressing and a side of lightly Brummel & Brown’d whole wheat toast.

Lastly, I enjoyed a 1/2 cup or so of frozen mango-peach yogurt.

It hit the spot, since I have not been able to cool off all day today.  My body clock is now calling my bed, so have a good night.

Questions:  How do you overcome your nervousness when public speaking or any other situation that may cause you to be nervous?  Regarding my poached egg, what did I do wrong? 😦


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