What a Wonderful World

Wooooo hoooo!  It’s Friday and it’s a three day weekend! 🙂 That definitely puts a smile on my face.

In preparation for this morning’s breakfast, I added overnight oats to the remnants of a peanut butter jar as recommended by Kath:

Who is the Oat Queen

Eating them hot, cold

Plain or bold

As her page declares

She always shares

She eats them with fruit, spice

And whatever sounds nice

She scrapes her jars clean

Oh she is the Oat Queen

I had to pay tribute to Kath for her inclusion of oats in her world of food.  Due to her I am now a fan of oatmeal, never having enjoyed it in my prior 20+ years of life.  Without further ado I introduce you to my breakfast, Overnight Oats in a Jar (OOIAJ).

Overnight Oats in a Jar

They began last night when I took this jar out of the fridge.

As you can see, there is really not much peanut butter left in the jar–maybe a teaspoon.

To the jar I added:

1/4 cup of 0% greek yogurt

1/4 cup of rolled oats

Splash of 1% milk

Drizzle of honey

1/2 banana

1/3 of peach chooped

Dash of cinnamon

I’m seriously fallin’ for these oats; they are so creamy, cold, and fulfilling.

<3ing My Oats

Mango Green Tea + OIAJ

The oats kept me full until lunch time 6 hours later.  That seems to be a long time without food, but I eat breakfast at quarter to 5 which usually holds me over until my lunch break at school, which is at 11:50.  By that time, my stomach is calling out, “Feed me!”  Today’s lunch consisted of leftover Greek Pasta from last night.  Sticking with the Greek theme, I had some hummus and carrots on side.

Plain Hummus + "Good for Your Eyes" Veggies

I’ve worn glasses since I was 2, so my parents have always told me, “Eat your carrots; they’re good for your eyes.”

After work today I arrived home to find some surprises awaiting me.  First, something that is also good for ya’–a sample case of Pom Wonderful Juice arrived today.

I want to extend a warm thank you to Ryan @ Pom Wonderful for contacting me.  I generally prefer consuming my calories from solid foods, not liquids.  But when he offered I graciously accepted.  I did try some of the juice and it definitely captivated my taste buds.  The tart flavor of the juice is much like that of a cranberry juice, which I enjoy drinking when just waking in the morning feeling thirsty.  I appreciate the powerful antioxidants provided by the juice and look forward to trying it with some different recipes.  Perhaps a smoothie, cocktail, or maybe pork loin with a pomegranate reduction.

After sharing a bottle of POM with the hubby, I snacked on some blue corn chips and wholy guacamole.

You may have noticed the past two photos were shot on a windowsill.  That is because when I arrived home I also found my house with completely new windows.  The hub stayed home from work today so our new windows could be installed.  I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful this makes me feel!  Gone are the 70s crank style windows which keep my house so warm during the summer and cold during the winter and welcome energy efficient windows that will hopefully fix that problem and save me a couple of bucks in the meantime.

After playing and learning about the windows, I made some dinner.  Bean Enciladas.

First preheat oven to 350* and spray glass casserole dish with nonstick spray.  I started by sauteing half a chopped onion in a tbsp. of olive oil.  Then I added a can of drained and rinsed pinto beans along with a splash of water, ground cumin, chile powder, oregano, and garlic salt.  Using a potato masher, I mashed the beans.  Next, I added one Queso Chipotle Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge and one Sargento Reduced Fat Colby Jack Stick.  Using three whole wheat tortillas, I divided the bean mixture equally and folded them before topping with 3 tbsp of salsa and a Babybel Light Cheese Round broken into pieces.

Fold the enchiladas and place them in the baking dish.  Heat in oven for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Meanwhile, I steamed some corn niblets and made a greek yogurt topping.  In place of sour cream I used 3 tbsp. plain 0% greek yogurt and added cumin, chile powder, and hot sauce to get this delicious concoction.  Who needs Taco Bell when you can make your own that tastes much better?  Actually, my hubby did eat Taco Bell tonight.  I picked his dinner up and I figured I’d eat Mexican as well, but a healthified version.  For about 350 calories I had a delicious, fulfilling protein and carb combo.  After topping with one heaping tbsp. of the yogurt mixture and some corn it was time to devour!

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm

Cheesy, Beany Goodness

After Dinner Snack Leftover from A.M. B-Fast

*Addition*  Ok, ok.  I was up pretty late and also had a PB + Jelly Sammie, but was too tired to snap a picture.

Questions of the Night:  Do you drink juices or use them in cooking?  Do you have any recipes to share that incorporate Pomegranate juice?


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