Dining With the Dogs

Bangin Breakfast

Butterball Turkey Bacon, LC Light Swiss Wedge, Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat

Summer Sultriness

Needed a Colossal Cup of Water After Grass Cutting--Exhausting Exercise

Ahhhhhh! Air!

Slammin Salad

Green goodness from last nights Zeasar Salad with addition of berries, roasted chicken from during the week, <1/2 oz. of feta, chopped celery, balsamic vinaigrette drizzle

Come Closer!

Dining With Dogs, My Dogs That Is--They shared some of the chicken chunks from my scrumptious salad.

Jammin Japanese–Miyako Japanese Seafood and Steak House Attending a Hibachi allows the patron to interact with the Hibachi Chef.  The fun is brought on by the entertainment of the Chef’s tricks and skills of the trade.  As for tonight, our chef put on a good show.  And it didn’t hurt that our eats were just as good!

Comforting Clear Soup and Salad to Start

Hubby and I split a phenomenal Philly Roll.

Hibachi Hoaxer

My Pleasantly Palatable Plate--Sizzling Shrimp with Vivid Veggies + Regular Rice & Nourishing Noodles

I ate most of the vibrant veggies and seasoned shrimp and some of the rice and noodles. Also had a small scoop of very vanilla ice cream (no picture). Oh yeah, and tried some of the seriously strong Sake for my first time!

Questions of the Night:  Can you guess what form of figurative language I am using throughout this post?  Do you give your dogs table food?
My dogs do not beg me for food, but I occasionally give them table food.  Well I take that back.  Herbie, the shih tzu/pug/beagle mix, reminds me if I forget to give him his piece of cheese for the day.  I know I shouldn’t reward the barking, but once I give it to him he stops.


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