Place Valued

I woke up this A.M. without an alarm due to the whole shattering of the phone. Well, my dogs were my alarm I guess. They woke me up twenty minutes earlier than I needed to be up, but I decided to stay up and make my breakfast and pack lunch with a head start to my day.
For b-fast I enjoyed a bagel thin with a scrambled egg and spinach with strawberries along side. I also had some hot chai tea.

Next up, lunch.  I had chicken salad (wish I still had some now) leftover from last night atop spring mix salad and some grape tomatoes.  On side I ate a small banana.

Pretty lunch

When I got home from work I ate a chobani pomegranate with a half teaspoon almond butter and I was feeling exhausted, so I took a loooooong two hour nap.  When I woke up I wasn’t in the mood to cook because I wanted to hit up the gym.  So I ate a turkey whole wheat wrap with wholy guacamole, sargento reduced fat colby jack cheese stick, spring mix, two teaspoons of salsa, and one teaspoon of light sour cream.  Modified mexican!?!

Even though it didn’t involve cooking, it was a satisfying meal!

I made to the gym after dinner at about 8:30 and did thirty minutes on the true strider elliptical and about 10 minutes of stretching/abdominal work.


Though it is a forty minute drive from my house, one place I value is the school where I have a job to go to each day; especially this year because many teachers in the parish were laid off due to budget cuts.  Luckily, this is my 6th year in so I have a little bit of seniority over newer teachers.  Teaching is a rewarding job, some days.  Other days it may make one want to pull out her hair due to mounds of unnecessary paperwork, frustration of students not catching on, lack of parental support, and student misbehavior.  But the days that are rewarding are the days when a student tells you he or she had fun today learning, or that lightbulb clicks on that he/she finally understands a concept.  Today was an example of the latter; as the students got a little sense of place value themselves, in the mathematically sense of course.  Here’s a small peak of a couple students in action.

Can We Say Future Football Player?

Question of the Night:  What is one place that you value and why?


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