Feed Me, Tony!

Early this morning my hubby surprised me with breakfast.  He brought me an Egg Mcmuffin and an iced coffee.  It was a nice treat; thanks hubby!

Good Morning!


Nom, nom, nom


Tony Angelo’s is a fabulous Italian restaurant to dine at if you are ever in the metro New Orleans area and in the mood for Italian ofcourse.  The menu includes all of the norm Italian dishes–lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, veal, eggplant, and chicken parmesan.  But if you are feeling really brave on your visit and want to eat lots of food due to how hungry you are, you can simply sit down at your table without even looking at a menu and say, “Feed me, Tony!”  Those three words will get you an eight course meal of the chef’s choice.  I personally have never done the whole “Feed me, Tony,” but my dad has.  It would be way too much food for me, but it sure does put me in the mood for some tasty Italian.

Well it’s not Italian (more like Greek), but it was my snack before heading out the door. 

I had to run to Educator this afternoon to get some things for my classroom.  I was excited to head there because Whole Foods was right down the street and I wanted to stop before going back home.  And my stomach was grateful I did because I could hear it saying, “Feed me, Melissa!”  So I quickly no more like leisurely went through the store picking up some suggestions that I found on different blogs.  I got some fruits, veggies, almond butter, arctic zero, larabars, bread, oikos yogurt, cereal, and a salad to enjoy for my lunch.

 I had a bunch of fresh veggies, couple of pieces of tofu, a small scoop of chicken salad, and a drizzle of the oil free pomegranate dressing.  It really hit the spot! 🙂

Next up, a trip to the gym.  I did 15 minutes elliptical, about 30 minutes of weight training, and 15 minutes on the treadmill.  After the gym I just had to try one of my larabars; I really love the ingredient list.

Apple Pie

The flavor of cinnamon came out strongly, but I also enjoyed the small bits of apple.


For dinner tonight, I decided on something simple–grilled hot italian turkey sausage po’ boys (for more on po’boys click here) with roasted okra on the side.  I probably would have chosen asparagus to roast, but saw okra at Whole Foods which reminded me of Kath’s Eats and how much she enjoys okra.  So I thought, “Let me give it a try.” 

I intended to eat my sausage po’ boy as a sandwich on the crusty seeded wheat bread I got at Whole Foods, but then thought it may be easier to have it open-faced.

Open-faced sandwich

The sandwich includes a schmear of dijonaise, romaine lettuce, an avacado that needed to be used, and the italian turkey sausage.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Actually the sausage said hot, but the heat wasn’t coming across much.  And the final picture shows how I really ate this.  The whole sandwich idea, closed or opened, just wasn’t happening.

Sausage salad anyone?

It still tasted delish and I got my Italian after all!! 😉

Question of the day:  Have you ever had a po’boy?  If so, what is your favorite?

Mine would have to be a roast beef dressed with gravy dripping down my forearms and all.


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