St. Cloud with a Chance of Parmesan

I woke up to the cloudy skies and moisture-filled air.  That type of weather puts a damper on my mood.  So I started the day off with a cup of coffee to try to awaken my unheigtened mood.  It really did not do the trick; for some reason my coffee has been too weak tasting the past couple of times I’ve made it.  I’m not sure why the change when I am making it the same way I always have in the past.

While reading some blogs, checking my email, news, etc., my dogs began barking aggressively at the sound of a delivery man at the door.  So I peaked out the blinds and there it was.  To my surprise, my package was delivered today.  My mood suddenly went from 😦 to 🙂 !  I hurriedly opened the cardboard box and was left a bit disappointed with my purchase once I tried them on.  The patterned shorts were too long.  I haven’t yet decided if I am going to send them back or have them hemmed.

After looking in the mirror for several minutes, I felt my growling stomach sending some signals my way.  So I decided on oatmeal for breakfast.  To my instant cinnamon honey oats I added a sliced banana, blueberries, and almonds. 

After breakfast I met my mom so we could head to the gym.  I was looking forward to it because I took a break this weekend because my hip has been giving me some trouble.  I always feel guilty when I skip a work out, but felt like my body needed the rest.  At the gym, we did 15 minutes on the elliptical followed by 30 minutes of weights.  We then headed back upstairs for 10 minutes on the arc trainer and 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Working out makes me feel so much better and much more energized, so I’m glad we went.

We then went shoe shopping at Marshall’s where Mom bought me four pairs of shoes for my birthday which is next week.  Yikes, I’ll be 28!  That’s so close to 30.  Scary! 

Next up, Charlie St. Cloud!  Wow, I didn’t realize how good looking Zack Efron is due to the fact I hadn’t seen any of his previous films.  It was well past lunch time, so I opted for a Parmesan Garlic Pretzel and a diet coke to enjoy during the movie.  The pretzel was way parmesany and garlicy.  I think I’ll stick to the cinnamon sugar ones from now on, but since I hadn’t eaten lunch I was feeling  something more savory.

Due to the darkness inside the theater, it was a bit difficult to get a good shot.  My iphone camera definitely does not produce top quality photos.  But I guess it serves the purpose.

So back to the movie!  It had a sad story line, but had a happy ending which I was glad for because the three movies I rented throughout the summer all ended sadly, which left me wondering “Can there ever be happy endings?”  And today showed me “yes, it is possible!”

Mom and I concluded our evening at La Madeleine’s where I had the salad sampler from the smart choices section.  I ate a petite caesar salad with fat free dressing, a cup of veggie soup, and a fruit cup.  I ate all of it except the honeydew melon, due to its tough, unripened texture.

After all was said and done, my tummy was full and my mood felt much better from spending the day with Mom!  It was certainly a happy ending to my day! 🙂

Question of the day:  When you go to the movie theater, what do you eat?  Do you forget your healthy ways and eat what you want or opt for something healthy(if that’s possible) or nothing at all?

Since I hadn’t eaten lunch and was hungry I really felt like I wanted to order nachos or a hot dog, but opted for the pretzel–a healthier choice in my opinion. 



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