Civic Duty Day

Bright and early on this Monday morning I arose on my last week off before returning to work next Monday. (Well, I’ll be going in at some point this week to get my classroom all set up and ready for students.) Anyway, I started my day off with a peanut butter banana sammie on a Nature’s Own 100% whole grain sandwich round. I prefer Jif Natural PB, but for some reason my grocery stopped selling it so I had to get the Smucker’s Natural. I forgot that I did not like this kind due to the need for stirring and refrigerating, which causes it to be extremely tough to spread. But i’ll finish the jar up and omit it from my grocery cart next time. I also had a cup of hot, white tea to go with my sammie.

Then I was headed to jury duty.  In the jury pool room, filled with a couple hundreds of people, we sat and we waited and we sat and we waited.  I had a cup of coffee while anticipating being called in for a case.

Thank goodness I brought my book with me because cell phone service was so poor inside the building and I couldn’t get on the Internet on my phone either.  What a bummer!?!  No being able to check blogs, email, news, etc.  Finally, the sheriff announced that an hour lunch break would be within minutes and still no one was called in to serve.  Not even five minutes later, the clerk came on the intercom to announce that 39 prospective jurors will be called at random to possibly serve a civil suit, not criminal.  Thank God for that!  And she calls out name after name and then I am called just as I took a bite of my first apple slice.  I proceed to the line of jurors where we are then taken into the courtroom to get an introduction of lawyers and brief description of the case.  Thirteen jurors were called up; I lucked out of that!  “Yes,” I thought to myself only to be informed by the judge that these 13 would most likely not be the final jury.  So I sat shivering the entire time (it was extremely cold, but I think it was both my being cold and nerves setting in) as I listened to the job and marital status of all thirteen jurors.  Some were excused; the rest were taken in the back by the bailiff.  Next up, juror # me.  I was called randomly at # 8 out of the next batch of 13.  Again, each juror stated his or her job and marital status.  Then the lawyers did a bit of questioning.  I fully had my mind set that I would be chosen, but in the end I was excused.  Back to the jury pool we were sent.

All of the others had been sent to lunch after the 39 of us were called out, so we missed the actual break.  We were informed that we could leave for an hour and return or wait about twenty minutes and probably be sent home.  So I noshed the rest of my snack brought from home and had another cup of joe.

Well and hour and half rolls on and we were still being held captive in the jury room because supposedly another selection of jurors would be called upon.  Contradictorily, no other jurors were called and we were allowed to leave around 2:30.  By now I was starved and headed home.  I couldn’t wait to get home to heat up one of the leftover turkey burgers cooked by my hubby on Saturday.  They are just so darn tasty.

Here is the original from Saturday served with some baked sweet tater fries.  I don’t have a recipe for the burger, but I know my hub put the following ingredients into the mix of lean ground turkey breast and lean ground turkey: chipotle salsa, pepper jack cheese, spinach (which can’t even be tasted, but is good nutritionally speaking), splash of worcestershire sauce, splash of olive oil, salt and peppa.  I think that is it.  Originally we ate them on onion rolls with avacado/light mayo, mustard, ketchup, romaine lettuce and tomato.  Today I ate it with mustard, ketchup, romaine lettuce, tomato, and pickles all piled on a Nature’s Own Sandwich Round.  Still, it was so yummy two days later!

Sweet Tater Fries

1 sweet tater

olive oil or cooking spray

salt and peppa

Tony’s Creole Seasoning

Preheat oven to 425*.  Line baking sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray.  Put layer of chopped sweet potato fries flat on pan.  Drizzle with olive oil or spray with cooking spray to coat.  Sprinkle seasonings to taste.  Toss to coat evenly and be sure all fries are in a single layer.  Cook about 12 minutes then flip.  Cook twelve more minutes or until desired tenderness/crunchiness.  Enjoy!

Check out those grill marks (not sure about the top part, but who cares)!

Even though I wasn’t given a proper lunch break, I enjoyed serving the Parish of Jefferson today!  It was quite interesting to experience the judicial system, and I know for certain I won’t have to do it over again for the next two years.

Question of the day:  I ate a late lunch, so I am hesitant to cook dinner because I don’t want to eat all of my meals in such a short time span.  What would you do in this case? (Pun unintentional, but since it works)– Would you feel guilty and forego a typical “dinner” and opt for something light or would you claim innocence and eat a full on dinner?


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