Sushi Bowl

On Friday night, the hubby got off of work early and we had plans to meet some friends for bowling. Before bowling, hub and I stopped at a new Japanese restaurant called the Cherry Blossom which is in walking distance from our house.  They did a fantastic job of redesigning the interior of what once was a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. Here is what I had and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Everything tasted fresh and fulfilling.
One ring from these fried calamari my husband ordered:

They looked more like onion rings, but it was calamari which had a crispy panko, tempura style coating.

I also had a cup of miso soup while hubs enjoyed his calamari.  Picture was not worth posting due to its blurriness.  (I’m using my iphone for all of my pictures, so I apologize for the very unprofessional images.  My b-day is coming up and I am hoping to get a camera from someone special.  😉 )

Here is my two sushi rolls both with brown rice instead of white.   Added note:  The calories are the same in white and brown rice.  A cup of each has about 200 calories, but the brown rice provides much more nutrients which you can read about here. I ate 5 pieces of the tuna roll and 5 pieces of my california roll.  In addition I had three pieces of the hubby’s philly roll.



After dinner, we met some friends for a fun filled night of bowling, darts, and pool.  So tonight, I am planning on catching up on some much needed sleep.  Good night ya’ll! 🙂


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