A Fresh Start

Today is the day I pledge to live a healthy life, a new me with a fresh start.  Over the past year and a half I have dramatically changed my lifestyle of eating fatty fast food and sitting hour upon hour on the indented couch with my hand (and the remote) covered in greasy saltiness from the bag of potato chip crumbs that were left sitting in my lap.  I’ve always been overweight throughout my childhood and into my high school years.  At the beginning of my college years I worked out for a short while due to my sister getting married and my wanting to look good in the wedding which got  me to a healthy weight of 135, which was the lowest I had been at my 5’6″ height since elementary school.  That weight did not last as I met my boyfriend (now hubby) and soon became comfortable in my relationship and stopped working out shortly after my sister’s wedding.  Back to my unhealthy ways I went and got up to 160 pounds at times, down to 140 pounds, back up to 150 or 155.  So my weight was always fluctuating and stepping on the scale and reading 155 is no fun, and talk about make a person unhappy with herself.  😦

Chris and I when I was close to my heaviest weight Fall 2008

When someone finally told me, “If you think it is going to get better once you have kids, you better look out!”  A knock out might have felt better; those words really got to me.  It was about a month after those words that encouraged me to stop drinking soft drinks, diet drinks nonetheless, and start drinking water.  That change alone took off 5 of the pounds and led to my giving up fast foods and opting for a diet of eating and cooking at home.  Each of these changes encouraged me even more and more.  I then decided that I wanted to work out at the gym where Mom works, which I have had a free membership for over FIVE years and never bothered to use it.  Together, she and I decided to start working out.

At the beginning, I could hardly do thirty minutes on a bicycle and not even ten minutes on the elliptical.  But with each day, week, month passing by I could feel it getting easier, so I would increase the resistance and stay on a little longer.  Also, I began strength training on the weight machines (not to get bulky muscles, but to be toned).  This did take off some more weight, but only a small amount.  So I then signed up on 411fit.com to begin tracking my daily calories consumed versus how many I burn.  That is when I really started seeing the pounds come off.  Shout out to 411fit based out of University of North Carolina (more on North Carolina later)!! I am now at about 125 pounds and never thought I would be here.  After a year and 3 months of tracking my calories and exercise, I continue to do so.  I stopped briefly for a couple of weeks at one point a few months back and did gain several pounds back, so I started logging my food once again.  I hope at some point I will be able to stop logging and be satisfied with what I have accomplished, but for now I choose to keep at it.


Me along the way Spring 2009

On a side note, one of the bloggers on 411fit.com, Brittany, has her own personal food blog, A Healthy Slice of Life, where she takes daily pictures of all her eats and posts them for all to see.  Being off of work for the summer, since I am a teacher, I have had much time to read her blog along with several others all from the Charlotte area.  That must be one healthy city; those people are extremely active and eat very healthy. 🙂

That is what has led me here–to do my own food blog.  So for now I will post when I feel the need and want to share my healthified meals or any interesting tidbits as I aspire to be healthified.

Me Summer 2010


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